Power bank for the Fairphone 3(+) that certainly works?

My E.foundation Fairphone 3 became a doorstop/useless after charging it with a cheap but highly reviewed power bank. It would not charge at all anymore and I had to send it to e-foundation for repairs, since I had bought it there.

Wanted to please know if anyone had bought and successfully used a power bank that I could easily order online? Actually charged their Fairphone 3 with it mean. I live in Berlin. I asked Fairphone directly but have received no answer to that question.

I just ordered the two camera upgrades and a spare battery to make my Fairphone 3 into a Fairphone 3+ I guess, though I doubt that matters in terms of battery pack.

What power bank did you buy? What happened?

I think a FP3 does not equate to a FP3+ by adding cameras, i think the motherboard and speaker modules are different

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Without knowing the technical details of what happened the question is whether the power bank was actually at fault, and how.

For what it’s worth, I have and use an Anker PowerCore II Slim 10000mAh … https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B01NBQX0O5

I believe Anker and Belkin are the most reputable. Maybe also PNY.

From an ethical perspective I never fail to mention Waka-Waka
Charging via solar panel as well.
And by buying one of their products (excluding accessories), “you support in giving a solar light to someone without electricity access.


I’ve used an Anker powerbank (powercore 20100) many times with my FP3. No problems here.

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