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I’m looking to buy a power bank for my FP2 and I was looking into solar ones, or alternatively fairly created ones. What is the recommended mAh for a FP2?
Do you have experience with one and want to share, please?
I’ve seen https://littlesun.com/product/little-sun-charge/ if anyone knows about it?
I’ve seen this post Are there environmentally friendly, fair or sustainable power banks/external batteries? but it’s a tad old, so anything new would be of help.
Thank you!


I am very happy with my Little Sun. I actually have 2 pieces: the charger (for my FP2) and the lamp (the yellow one, that looks like a sun) which I use mostly for my kids - they love it.
Here is a thread you might want to read:

Waka waka has also a good reputation among Fairphone users. There is a thread about it:


Thanks very much for your reply, Chrisse :slight_smile:
Did you have it for long? How long does it need to be charging to charge your FP2?
Thanks again!

It will be 2 years in December.
In the summer, I charge it during the day and then charge my phone during the night. I never really checked how long it takes to charge the solar charger, nor how much left there is in the morning, but I think that when the charger is fully charged, I can almost charge 2 phones.
In the Winter, it usually takes 2-3 days to fully charge.
If you need to travel or if you need a Power bank in the Winter, you can plug the charger.


Thanks again, chrisse :slight_smile:

I use the predecessor of this model which has 15watts together with the predecessor of this power bank which had 13000mAh, but unfortunately I lost the power bank in summer, so I have to buy a new one.

What I can say from my experience (using the solar charger as the only power source for my phone and camera for two weeks and letting other people charge their phones too during a two week scout camp) is that those all-in-one solar chargers are really not good, more a total waste of money. Here is why:

  • The solar panels on those chargers are extremely small, the output is maybe 0,2A, so it takes ages to charge your phone. My 15watt solar panel has an output of ~2,2-2,4A which is enough to charge my FP2 and my power bank as well. Speaking of power banks,
  • Due to the all-in-one design you have to lay your powerbank directly in the sun, which is obviously very bad for the batteries.
  • They are not “modular”. In case you want an upgrade, you have to buy the whole thing again, whereas I e.g. “only” have to buy a new power bank (although the power bank probably causes 80% of the carbon emissions, but still).

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any fair and/or ecologically friendly solar charger company that sells those products for at least a partly reasonable price. The Waka-Waka for example costs 70% more, but still has 60% less power than the RavPower I mentioned earlier. If you multiply it, it costs 270€ compared to 100€ for the same specs, which is just something I can’t afford.

I understand why you think that all-in-one chargers are not as good as chargers with separate power banks, but I wouldn’t say that they are a total waste of time.
It really depends on the use. I only use it at home (and on holidays sometimes), everyday in the same position, and only need to charge one phone. It’s really good enough then.
For a two-piece solar charger, the Waka-Waka is also interesting, they also develop social projects.

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But in this case you don’t really need the solar part, but only a power bank.
And it’s not that I have something against Waka-Waka, it’s just that the product you get for the price is not powerful enough. When you buy a phone, this usually doesn’t matter that much, but with a solar charger, the power output is crucial, because literally the only thing a charger is designed for is to charge your phone.

Hmm, I still get the energy from the sun :wink: That’s the thing that I want. I don’t care about a power bank, as I can just plug my phone anytime I want. I just like the idea of not depending on an electrical grid for using my phone.
I’m sure you must be right on a technical point of view, I just say that for my use, I’m happy: I can load the charger during the day, then charge my phone during the night. It’s all I’m looking for. I don’t need a more powerful charger.
I like the idea of buying only what I need. I don’t need a more powerful charger, so I don’t need to buy one. It’s like buying a 1000 euros mobile phone for sending sms and playing candy crush…
About the price, then again, I must agree with you: there are cheaper charger that are more powerful. But then again, I like to pay for more than the product: also for its conception, the way it is manufactured, how people are treated, etc. This is the reason why I owe a Fairphone. I have read some comments on this forum from people who would rather buy a more powerful/reliable phone and give away money to NGOs. I don’t agree. Firstly, I find my Fairphone reliable (although I know that some people have had some problems). Secondly, I think that we have to change the way things are done. Fairphone is doing pioneer work about fair materials, working conditions, long-lasting design, etc., so I would rather support them, like I would rather take the train, than taking a cheaper route with some low cost airline company and then plant trees in the Amazon rainforest to feel better.

But don’t get me wrong: I completely understand that some people need more powerful chargers and I can see why Waka Waka and Little Sun can be too limited. For those, I don’t know of an alternative either.
And I also get that you might think that my standpoint is a bit phony, as it would surely be better for the environment to have a more powerful and efficient solar panel that I could use to charge other things as well. My solar panel is just a small step and I think that the social work behind it is also important.


Thanks all for the replies and the information, it will definitely help me make a decision!
All the best :slight_smile:

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