postmarketOS: ten years support?

Anybody’s seen this: Linux-based postmarketOS project aims to give smartphones a 10-year lifecycle - Liliputing
I know it’s very early, but still this is an interesting ideas, imho


I didn’t know that something like that existed, thanks for the info @lklaus :slight_smile:

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…and guess who’s already workibg on it for FP2:

@z3ntu …just unbelievable… :slight_smile:



and I really don’t like the 20 char limit


@z3ntu you’re awesome!
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Hello, I am interested in installing PostmarketOS in my FP2. It’s possible? How can I do it?

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Take a look at the wiki linked by @BeMiGro (the link-address has changed)
and regard the limitations.

[quote]What works

  • Flashing (needs bootloader patch)
  • Booting
  • Screen (needs the msm framebuffer hack)
  • Touchscreen
  • USB networking
  • WiFi
    What does not work
  • The rest (probably)[/quote]
    You have to decide, if that’s enough for you or if you are going to wait, until phone-calls, camera, SMS, bluetooth, GPS etc. is working as well.

As @BertG wrote, it’s not usable as a “phone” right now. If you are still interested (you will also have to have access to a Linux machine to make it work), just write it and I’ll write some instructions.


Hi, yes, I would like to have instructions and the file. You never know when I’ll want to play with the phone!

Surely more than one person will appreciate those instructions.

Get lk fixed for flashing the system partition

A patch for not requiring this step is submitted to the Fairphone Gerrit and hopefully will be accepted soon.

Install a arm eabi toolchain (eg arm-none-eabi-gcc on Arch Linux - you have to change the toolchain prefix below to make it fit).

Also the mkbootimg tool has to be a proper one, e.g. from LineageOS or from EFIDroid

git clone -b fastboot-fix
cd android_kernel_lk_fairphone_FP2
make FP2 TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX=arm-none-eabi- -j5
# get the dt.img either from lineage or compile or self etc (efidroid has one:
mkbootimg --base 0 --pagesize 2048 --kernel_offset 0x00008000 --ramdisk_offset 0x01000000 --second_offset 0x00f00000 --tags_offset 0x00000100 --dt dt.img --kernel build-FP2/lk.bin -o lk_boot.img
# sign_img script from
sign_img lk_boot.img
# hold the volume button down while running the next command
fastboot boot lk_boot.img.signed

Compile and install postmarketOS

Follow (and select the Fairphone 2 in the menu).
Then run:

./ install --no-fde
./ flasher flash_kernel
./ flasher flash_system

After that, run fastboot reboot to reboot your phone and into postmarketOS. Now you should be able to login using ssh user@ with USB connected. Due to weird framebuffers on Qualcomm devices, you need to run

su; while [ ! ]; do cat /sys/class/graphics/fb0/modes > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/mode; done

in the SSH connection to get your screen to refresh (otherwise your screen will be stuck on the Fairphone splash screen).

This wont touch your data partition, so you can simply flash Android (using adb sideload for example), to get back.

If you have any general questions or need help about postmarketOS, please ask in their Matrix/IRC help channel.
Most other useful information is found in the postmarketOS Wiki.
If something Fairphone specific doesn’t work, please message me!


works for me! thanks! I’ll get cracking on my CLI UI, rild/cell support, etc…


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Interestingly, there’s a port under development to get NixOS ported to Android (NixOS Mobile). The port is based on PostmarketOS.

Here’s an introduction to the advantages of NixOS: About NixOS.

TL;DR entire OS is configured from one config file, atomic/reliable upgrades, reproducible configuration, and rollback (without using a new gen filesystem like ZFS/btrsfs/…).


just to reanimate this thread for FP4, although still experimental/in testing


Trivia: FP4 had pmOS booting since day one by the awesome @z3ntu


Do you have a link to it? I know it’s probably been accepted now, but it’d help me with something. I can’t seem to find it.

You’re really testing my memory but must’ve been this patch:

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