Post-Update Changes. Can They Be Changed Back?

I just updated the Android OS on my FP2 and it’s changed a few other things as well.
All my text messages seem to have been consolidated into Facebook Messenger’s chat bubbles and my home screen now has a quick access bar at the bottom.
Is there a way to undo all the unwanted aesthetic changes to the phone’s functions? Ideally I’m hoping there’s a way to keep all the aesthetics of the old user interface but upgrade the security and performance.
Anyone know how to do that?

I’d like to add that the old text messaging app seems to have been removed at some point during the update.
Anybody know why that happened and how to find it again?

Abot the texting app:

About all the other changes:

So in short: No, at the moment it’s not possible to get the look and feel of the old FP OS back.



you can go in your “play store” and download “sms”. After you can open your blue “messages” app and deactivate the app.
Also, just in case, i was a bit frustrated to have access to only one screen. But in fact we just have to slide an app to the edge of the screen, and a new one appear.
(I don’t speak very well english, so, hope i made myself clear)


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