Post Brexit UK deliveries


Just wondering if anyone in the UK has received a Fairphone since the rules have changed. It’s far to complicated to figure out if and how much I’ll be charged. I would much rather buy direct than through a third party but not if I’m going to end up paying a small fortune in customs duty.


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This is not an official Fairphone site, so would not have such info. However I doubt such exists. You can buy the Fairphone at the price stated on the website either directlty or from a ‘reseller’

Please see

and there are ‘official’ resellers in the UK

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Thanks, I did see that but those were from last February. I wasn’t sure if something had changed. I did notice the UK VAT was included in the price though.

So it should be fine :slight_smile: apart from the delay. My daughter has just ordered and was told there was a 12 week wait. (we are UK resident) so maybe quicker from a reseller ? but then you can’t buy with the speckled case :frowning:

Will update when my daughter receives so 'twould be good if you would too.

All the best


Yes of course. When is she expecting to receive hers? It’s looking like 8 weeks at the moment (mid March)

Hopefully we’ll be ok :crossed_fingers:

March ~ ~ maybe? probably the same shipment :slight_smile:

I did indeed order a Fairphone from the Fairphone website and had it delivered to London. They take care of VAT and customs for you.


Thanks for that, when did you receive it?

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On the 4th of January. It had crossed the border around the 29th of December.

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Amazing, will stick with the direct order. Much prefer them to get all the money rather than some going to BT or EE or whoever.

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Or the Phonecoop :slight_smile: though I prefer direct, but arguably you get quicker support, at least initially from a UK company. They can even replace the phone from off the shelf

I think that the UK government are allowing imports without duty for the time being, but this will change on 30th January 2022 I think. Of course, if they pull out of the NI accord, all bets are off as there will be no trade agreement at all. I live in the EU, and already purchases from UK attract import taxes.

There’s a 2.5% Duty for example on the FP4 currently which includes carriage and packaging. Once that is added to the price 20% VAT is added.

Fairphone cover all the above. as they do for the EU in general.

It’s down to individual companies how they cover all issues.

Some companies will have a tax and VAT arrangement with the UK and the UK customer will notice nothing.

For individuals and others total payment is the cost advertised subject to duty, carriage in the UK and VAT on all three (price, duty and carriage) unless the vendor specifically covers those costs.

Since 2019, EU rules already mandated that webshops with a turnover over €10.000/year need to charge the VAT of the target country.

As Fairphone has a larger turnover than that, this means that Fairphone was already charging UK VAT before Brexit; they only had to apply for a UK VAT ID ahead of 1st January 2021, and you’ll likely see that ID on any invoices sent to the UK.


Indeed! I had already hinted at the existence of a UK VAT arrangement in a very similar topic two months ago.

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We ordered a FP4 in grey, and a FP4 in speckled green, both on Dec 7 '21, on separate orders. During the ordering process it estimated mid January for the grey one and late February for the speckled green.
The grey one then arrived on 30th December, no extra fees.
No sign of the speckled green one.

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Ordered grey FP4 256GB/ 8GB on 2021-10-31 on Fairphone website.

UPS indicated it was stuck at the Netherlands border due to paperwork issues on 2021-12-23 and they took it back to Fairphone.

All monetary figures in GBP.

Fairphone: 569.00 + 11.95 shipping = 580.95. Made up of 484.13 Excl Tax and then 96.82 VAT@20%. Charged to my account on 2021-10-31.

UPS demanded payment of 98.14 VAT plus 11.50 brokerage charges before they would deliver on 2022-01-10.

So now I’ve paid twice.

I have an open ticket with Fairphone to work out what to do next.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I have heard of such a mess before.

If you could handle the delay you could cancel the order and pay nothing, then order again.

Hopefully Fairphone will resolve this first.?

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Thanks @amoun

My phone is here now. I hadn’t realised I was charged twice until I looked more carefully.

I’m sure Fairphone will help me when they are ready.

I’m looking to buy one for my son, but I’ll wait until this problem is investigated.

I looked at buying from a UK supplier, but they are all 6GB / 128GB which means they won’t be useful for so long so I don’t want to buy one of those.

Thanks for your help.