Possible workshops at #EFCT19

Title Instructor estimated time notes users interested
Soldering Skills @Elkrasso no soldering skills yet: @AlbertJP @Lidwien , (very) basic soldering skills: @Stanzi, soldering skills: @Stefan,

Agenda: (please add interests that are related to soldering or at least electronics and I try to bring it in the workshop)

theroethical knowledge:

  • ESD basics (electrostatic sensitiv devices)
  • components and design form
  • THT (through hole technology)
  • SMT (surface mount technology)

soldering practice:

  • THT soldering
  • SMT soldering

What the instructer needs on workshop side @Monica.Ciovica :

  • whiteboard
  • beamer
  • power outlets
  • defect FP1, FP2 or FP3 :wink: PCBs or modules for the audiences soldering experience
  • interested audience, anyone of the Fairphone team is very welcome

What the instructor provide:

  • a little presentation for the theoretics
  • soldering irons
  • tools
  • material for soldering

What the audience can provide:

  • FP parts they want to repair.
    Of course I cannot guarantee a success, but it is worth a try.

Amazing :raised_hands: I know some of my colleagues here are very eager :slight_smile: