Possible virus in phone

My phone seems much slower and battery works very hard. At the same time the antivirus programming warn for a virus called smsreg. However, when trying to remove smsreg, it says that removing preinstalled programs can affect other functions of the phone. First, is smsreg a virus? How can it be removed? 3) how can I proper check for virus and fix the problem? /bjorn

If I remember correctly smsreg (smsreg.apk and smsREG.odex) is software that came with the phone. It’s not good software, but it shouldn’t cause the phone to become slower or drain the battery. It can be removed, but it’s a bit difficult.

You can monitor your phone’s battery usage by using an app like “Better Battery Stats”. Find more information in this thread:

Assuming it’s not a bug you may want to check whether your battery is bloated.

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To make this clear: This is software which is not harmful per se. It is probably modified by the chipset producer Mediatek to work with Dual-Sim. So it might seem to your virus app a bit different than the original Android SMS app.

I’m not sure if somebody ever took it apart (and if I understand the latest FP2 licence looking would not even be allowed). This article here is all I “know” about this apk. I also made a typo, I was talking about


above. But as said by me and by @Stefan, this software will not be the cause of your troubles. As Stefan pointed out “BBS” is the better tool to find the root cause. Virus software … often causes more problem than it fixes.

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