Possible to use a WiFi hotspot as a Smart Lock trusted device?

I’d prefer a WiFi as trusted device to keep the FP unlocked in its vincinity. A Bluetooth device needs to be turned on, while the router is always on.

Short answer: No.

If you enable location then “Trusted places” will likely use your Wi-Fi SSID to help identify the phone’s position. I’m not recommending doing that, just stating a fact.

But apart from that, “Trusted devices” are only recognised through Bluetooth, as far as I know. However, Bluetooth devices are often left on permanently (sound, tv units), though again, I’m not saying that’s a good thing,


(Quick and comprehensive. I love the stye here. )

I have no BT on permanently, but if that is unavoidable, that will change then.


Well, I’m still not saying that’s a good thing and you might like to consider the consequences. To be honest, leaving some BT device on permanently just to avoid having to unlock your phone when you’re at home doesn’t seem a good idea to me. It would be interesting to see if there’s not some alternative.

To combat global warming and energy waste I think we all need to make efforts wherever we can. In that context, drawing your pattern, touching the fingerprint sensor or typing a PIN can be seen as part of a conscious effort.

I’m with you here. I get frequently interrupted when reading on the FP; with time it grows into a real nuisance to enter the PIN (fingerprint reader rarely works). Outside of this there’s no need for Smart Lock. Maybe I can get uset to change/change-back the lock time.

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I think I have a solution, certainly corresponds to my own use case, and may help with yours.

Use App pinning.

This Android feature is usually used when you want to hand a phone to someone else for a short while and restrict their use of the phone to a specific app. While an app is pinned, the phone will not lock, but you have to unpin the app in order to use any other app. If lending the phone, you would require Unlocking (pattern, PIN, …) when unpinning the app.
But in my case, and I think yours, it can be conveniently used to prevent locking while you’re using a specific app yourself.

Settings > Security > App pinning

  • Use app pinning > ON
  • Ask for unlock pattern before unpinning > OFF

Pinning does not interfere with screen time-out or screen management apps like KinScreen, so the screen will still turn off after the set time, you’ll just not need to unlock when you turn it on.

When you’re using an app (say browser, a game, …) that you expect to continue with for a while and don’t want to be bothered with requests to unlock even if the screen turns off,

  • Open the relevant app
  • Pin it using the method according to your Android navigation setting as described in the Android Help page cited above
    Even if you’re called away and the screen turns off, the app will still be accessible without unlocking, when you turn the screen on again.
  • Unpin the screen when you’ve finished or need to access some other app.

I reckon that just about nails it, would be interested to hear if that helps you too.


I don’t even need a PIN to end pinning. Thank you!

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