Possible to not use wallpaper/to have plain background?

Hi, this is sort of maybe an accessibility thing, though it’s not within what’s usually thought of as accessibility in a phone context.

I’ve just got a Fairphone 2 after my old and very basic Samsung became pretty much unusable due to out-of-date OS, apps not updating, etc. I’m autistic and have visual and auditory processing difficulties (am easily distracted by “too much” sensory input). My old phone didn’t have any “wallpaper”/background image, just a plain black background. I strongly prefer this as it’s difficult for me to distinguish icons when there is anything other than a plain background behind them. (I imagine some other disabled people, such as those with visual impairments, might have similar issues). However, on the Fairphone 2 there are several wallpapers to choose from, but no apparent option for a plain/unpatterned background.

Does anyone know how to get this on the Fairphone? (It doesn’t necessarily have to be black, any plain dark colour like blue or purple would also do, but I assume black is also best in terms of energy saving/no unnecessary light emissions…)


You could just load a plain black image onto your phone and set it as your wallpaper.


Light emmissions: true, energy efficient: would only be true for an OLED display.

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Here you go! Just download the image when viewing this thread on your phone, view it in your gallery and tap on “set as wallpaper”. Tadaa! :blush:
(Btw, this image is already 1920x1080, so you don’t even have to crop it)


If you want to play with different colors, try Simply Solid: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.enrico.earthquake/


Thanks all! Sorry for the delay in replying. Creating a plain black image is a great piece of lateral thinking (that wouldn’t have occurred to me) and a perfect solution. I’m still a bit surprised that there isn’t a default plain option though!

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