Possible hardware failure

My FP2 was thrown on the floor, shattering the screen.
I replaced the screen and it worked well for a few days.

Now when I start it I see the home screen and I can briefly interact with it while it loads, but within a few seconds it either freezes, sometimes with green artefacts on the screen, either reboots again.
Once it booted into what I think was TWRP: when I asked it to reboot, it asked me confirmation telling me that no OS was installed.

I assume that this is a hardware failure due to the impact, but I don’t know which part to replace or whether it is still available.

Is there any way I can test what is failing?
Right now the phone is not really reliable, I can’t use it much.

It has been observed that this can be a false alarm by TWRP. There’s no harm in trying to boot anyway.

Parts are available in the shop, but the core module is only sold by Fairphone as part of a repair job.


You could disassemble and reassemble the modules to make sure they are connected correctly and firmly, here’s a nice video …

… and you could have a look whether you can spot any obvious internal damage this way.

If this doesn’t help and you happen to have fairphoneangels in your vicinity, they could perhaps help to identify broken modules by swapping them.

If all else fails, you could contactsupport.

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Thank you for the help, much appreciated.
I’ll try to disassemble it and have a look.

Dismantled, no damage I could see, and remounted, problem persists.
Between the time and the cost of repairs in Göteborg, I think it’s better for me to buy a new phone. =(

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