Possible Databreach | User / customer data leak at Fairphone? Spam

I think there was a data breach @fairphone. I’m using a special emailaddress only for Fairphone and I got today SPAM to that email address.
How can I contact someone from Fairphone-IT?
Greeting Jens


I’d suppose just regular customer support: Support

Don’t think you necessarily need an IT person (yet), just a “hey did you really send this message? It looks like spam and I use a different email address for each website so if it wasn’t sent from you it seems your email database may have been leaked” thing would work.


A few minutes ago I received a fishing mail to an address that I use exclusively on the Fairphone website (shop and forum) and to communicate with Fairphone’s customer support. The layout of the mail mimics Amazon design and the text asks me to order a present from Amazon. The links lead to the suspicions sensovision.net domain. Anybody else got that mail?


Not yet, but thanks for the warning.

Have you contacted support@fairphone(dootcoom)

The leak may have been on route to and from. It could be via your ISP or host etc.

I’ve allowed myself to move this into a previous topic which seems to me to have brought up the very same problem before (see above).


I contacted the Fairphone support and asked them to give their statement here in this discussion. We’ll see whether and when that might happen…

Thanks for merging the topics. Haven’t found the older topic although I had searched the forum for “spam” and “leak”. Maybe you could change the title of this topic to be found easier as there might be more users (potentially all customers/forum users) having this issue.


Hi there,

Thanks for flagging this and for contacting our Customer Support team. They’ll then alert the necessary people internally. Much appreciated!



@rae Can you add “spam” to the title, so it can be found easier?

Some additional information:

The Forum is not the source of the databreach. I use a different mailaddress for that and this address is not affected.
I just got a new Spam today. After 2 spam in English, I now got a spam in my native language.

About the People to be informed. This is very easy. The data protection officer, or if this office does not exists the CTO of the company.

! This is a case for §33 GDPR, so please act accordingly = fast!

Greeting Jens

Just in case …

"You can contact us at privacy@fairphone.com if you want to:
Ask us any other questions regarding Your Data and its protection."



I can confirm this, same here. Different mail address for forum and other fairphone stuff (spamgourmet). The Phishing mail had my real name also. I opened a ticket at fairphone, asking for explanation.

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