Poor Audio recording quality

I have a Fairphone 5 with Android 13.
Whenever I record a sound, the quality is very poor. The codec is arm and the sampling frequency is 8000 Hz (as indicated with vlc).
Do you know how to change these settings, please ? I am a bit lost with Android 13.
Moreover, when I listen to music (with the internal speaker), the quality is also poor.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Which app do you use to record sound?

That the small, pinhead type speakers of a phone can’t produce superb sound is quite expectable, I guess :wink: .

Hello Incanus,

I use the Voice recorder installed by default.
I wasn’t hoping for a crystalline sound from the speaker, but mine is quite awful even for an internal one.

Thanks for the reply,

I guess the ‘voice recorder’ is made for what it’s called, recording voices. If you want to record music with better quality, you should use an appropriate app and probably an external microphone.

Ok. I wondered whether it was a parameter to change.
Thanks a lot for the advice. I will try with a dedicated app.