Poll: Location for the 1. Community Meetup in Barcelona (Where to meet?)

Continuing the discussion from Meetup in Barcelona?:

  • Wokimarket is a market-like place with ecological and proximity food which also has a restaurant. It’s not cheap (even expensive for me) but it’s aligned to FP’s values and very centric (see map). It also opens on sundays.
  • Iposa I think foreighneirs may like this place and its surroundings and it has vegetarian food (although I can’t remember if they have ecollogical food or not)
  • Fàbrica Moritz : it’s an enormous local brewery, quite fashionable. (see map). Forget about our values here :stuck_out_tongue: (well, they are not so evil: they also support many cultural activities)
  • Additionally Joaquim Costa is a street with many places to drink and eat something. Casa Almirall is one of them, and its decoration is quite typical from our Catalan past (see picture)
  • La Ovella Negra de Marina, there is a second hand market (On The Garage, you can check it on Facebook). It’s also a tabern, so this could be an awesome place to meet.

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PS.: One of the votes for Fàbrica Moritz was mine, so you should probably deduct one of them because unfortunately I cannot be there for the event.