Poll: Is the Wifi Sign in the Status Bar blue or grey (when internet connection is established)

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Simple question: On your Phone, is the Wifi Symbol in the Status Bar blue or grey (or blue under certain circumstances?

indicated with the red arrow

  • It’s always grey
  • It’s always blue
  • It’s blue when there is an internet connection established via wifi.
  • It’s only blue when you modify it with Gravity Box.

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@anon12454812 gave the solution to this puzzling question:

Wich means that the Poll now gives evidence on how many Forum Members use or don’t use Google Services. If you too want to sacrifice some colour in your status bar for less survaillance by a shady corporation, then check out this post.

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@paulakreuzer Thank you :smile:

It is definitly … blue! No Gravity Box here!

This is how it looks for me without GravityBox. Still grey, like always. So it must be something else.

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The Wi-Fi symbol will become blue once there is a connection with the Google Services. If not, it will remain grey.


Oooh. Thanks! This was really bugging me.

I don’t see why we do a poll on this, but I find it kind of funny. :slight_smile: You can still give your vote in the poll above!

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