Poll: If you could install any mobile operating system

I didn’t try to copy your idea, I swear! :smiley:
It’s just, … great minds think alike I guess!


For those interested, there is a diagram of the various components of SailfishOS and the current status of open vs proprietary.



Well this is not much cheering :worried: the only OS software is practically a classic Linux distribution software, while all the Sailfish OS part seems to be closed source…
I am a Sailfish OS advocate but only because it is Linux-based as I wrote in an old post, but having a closed source OS doesn’t differ too much from Android though…
Thank you for you information :smile:

I’m not expecting any cheers, but as a few people expressed concerns about what is and isn’t open source about SailfishOS that its just best to be transparent and people can then make up their own mind.


Dear Sailfish enthusiasts, (just to name a few: @flywheel, @DjDas, @Niklas_Wallin, @WilliePre, @mosen, @Robert_Meier, @elldekaa, @Randy_Mcfelch, @veps2i, @r0kk3rz):

Have you seen the latest blog post about Fairphone collaborating with key members of Sailfish community?


I’ve known about this since the pop-up in London a few weeks ago but it’s nice to finally see an official announcement.

From the sounds of it, this will be a full port which will include OTA update support, and proprietary technology like alien-dalvik (android runtime) which is great to see and much better than a purely community driven effort could create.

I guess we will find out more in the future once it’s available! In the mean time I might beg sledges for a pre-release for enthusiastic pioneers.


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Cool, that sounds interesting. Can you give us some more details on what you learned there? Sharing it in the thread about that event would be great.

A little résumé more than half a year after creating the poll:

  1. 62%! voted for Sailfish OS and hopefully won’t have to wait much longer
  2. Ubuntu (I haven’t heard anything?)
  3. Cyanogen Mod (haven’t heard anything either)
  4. Firefox OS (beta version exists but isn’t “blob free” yet.)
  5. Replicant (probably never)
  6. Google Android
  7. Fairphone Android (preinstalled), Fairphone Android w/o GAPPS (rumored to be released in 1st quarter of 2016), Windows Phone (lol)

So there is no chance for Windows 10 Mobile in the near future?

I believe there is no chance for Windows mobile on any FP ever, since Windows is not FLOSS. Unless someone somehow gets to the windows code and ports it unofficially and illegally.

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Or Fairphone goes down and Microsoft buys them, as they did with Nokia. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or the other way around. :smiley:


Have you ever tried windows mobile?

I have it on my work phone (Nokia). Amazing how it renders great hardware to an unusable chunk of garbage. I don’t know how anyone could seriously want windows mobile on a phone :grinning:

It is completely unorganized, chaotic, no file explorer, hard to personalize, bad user experience, unstable (frequent reboots) , internet explorer often crashes, no apps, …
It is by far the worst OS i have ever experienced on a phone.

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Omg Internet Explorer still exists? I had no idea. Last time I saw IE was before I saw a smartphone for the first time.

Well, having received my Fairphone 2 a few days ago, coming from a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Replicant I obviously voted for Replicant. I’m one oft the few (I guess) who bot an FP2 as a performance upgrade. So I ordered the same day, I read there will be an OS-Variant. The ethical aspects triggered just as much.
Since Replicant is a Cyanogen-Fork I’m pretty disappointed by Android 5.1 regarding the ability to customize close to everything. So CM would have been my second choice. I also hope the FP-Team considers the demands of Replicant for future developments.

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