Poll: If you could install any mobile operating system

I am waiting too, for the same reason. I contacted the customer service about, and they had assured me that there will be an AOSP version of Android (and Fairphone OS, but I don’t know what is) avaiable without GApps… but I still waiting for more and more secure informations.

This of course entirely depends on what you use daily. Unfortunately the official Jolla/Sailfish app store does not yet have a web client to view the native apps available, but you can however look at the unofficial third-party app store openrepos.net.

On the Android side you can install GooglePlay including Google Play Services if you choose, or any other android store you prefer really. You can also directly install .apk packages without any store.

Personally I use a mix of Native apps (including some of my own), and android apps from Google Play.

This is a work in progress and not as advanced as the feature in Cyanogenmod. Currently you can deny apps the access to your contacts (at a global level, not individual) and that’s about it. I believe the intention is to offer more features along this line in the future, but as a lot of things are in Sailfish, its a work in progress.


thx @r0kk3rz for beeing much quicker than me, could not say it better.

honestly, most native apps are hobbyist projects and i am surprised again and again with the quality of those. currently i am using dalvik only for games and some remote apps like yatse, fhem and an ipcam viewer.
It is conveniently possible to limit all privacy related tasks to sailfish os in my usecase.
The android appstore of my choice is aptoid! Update policy and ability to have substores is much better than playstore imho.

Regarding privacy restriction for apps i would like to add that great progress has been made in the last july update. Sailfish always had a “system setting > Apps” section where only stock jolla apps where slightly configurable until the last update. Now we got settings for all individual dalvik apps with options to clear app-cache and allow startup of services at system start plus some more. The road for more privacy related settings per app is paved, so to say.

And if you think privacy wise, it is a nice feature that dalvik apps are not completly system integrated to sailfish. We just recently saw stagefright and earlier OMA-DM vulnaribilities effecting nearly all android devices, but not sailfish directly because alien dalvik behaves a bit like sandboxed on sailfish. In both cases malicious commands/messages from outside where handled by sailfish first and not forwarded to dalvik.

And thanks again for your interest, @schept!


Yes it’s my intention to use an opensource OS on the FP2. It’s not 100% sure yet that this will be possible, but at least the Fairphone team is committed to such an option. At least it’s the next step on the Roadmap to release the necessary source code. Quoting the key objectives from there:

  • Use the Fairphone hardware as an open platform and give developers the tools to own and create software for the Fairphone 2
  • Empower alternative operating system organizations that match our open standards

I’m quite optimistic that they learned from their bad experiences with Mediatek in this regard and will be able to reach their goal with the FP2.

Right now the most pragmatic solution for me would be an AOSP distribution like Replicant with F-Droid as appstore.

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Same for me.
I feel the huge dominance of Sailfish in the poll results should be telling by itself.

I already ordered a Jolla/Sailfish tablet (by lack of one from Fairphone), and given the enormous price increase between FP1 and FP2 it’s clear for me that without a software fairness similar to the current hardware one, no one in my relatives will do the jump to FP2…


Keep in mind: There was quite some campaigning going on which led to lots of Sailfish enthusiasts signing in to the forum only/primarily to vote in this poll. I repeat what I posted before: It’s a good thing that Sailfish fans are interested in the Fairphone and promote it through forums, social media and other channels, but it makes the poll result very un-expressive. Not that a forum poll is a valid democratic tool anyway.


I hope that will be ported Sailfish OS on FP2, but Replicant could be a very interesting option too!

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Being also on Sailfish forums, receiving all their emailings, I perfectly know this is untrue.

I myself went on, after my earlier post, to announce this poll on the Sailfish forum.
And as you can search within it by keyword, entering ‘Fairphone’ you can check this : I was the first one to talk about it.
The 68% vote favoring Sailfish is spontaneous. If anything, this % has lowered a bit since my announcement to Sailfish -I doubt more than a couple of Sailfish guys will have taken the hassle to register here indeed.

A wiser comment would have been to stress the very large number of redundant options, which indeed sometime has been a way to drown some parties by splitting them into various alternatives. I don’t know if this would apply here.
But I notice that even gathering all others vs Sailfish, the very large majority of us here favours Sailfish, and by really far.

Negating this through some campaign theory is, well, just a way of negating evidence…
If the Fairphone company is really checking this vote to help deciding onto a potential optional alternative, they know which one to choose.

I didn’t say that you promoted the poll on a jolla forum.

But check this out:

Those are just the first few search results I get and it’s always connected to jolla.




That’s good news indeed, I knew of the aim of the FP-Company to make the FP2 suitable for other OS-ports, but had until now categorized similar to Jolla’s aim to ‘somewhere in the future’ ‘hopefully’ open all source-code.The link you mentioned seems like a harder ‘promise’ than that. Who knows, maybe the source-code gets opened up, before the first batch of 15.000 Phones are sold out?


I knew Sailfish already, but this topic got me more interested and more impressed. Sailfish’s non-tile-approach (for lack of a better word for the quadratic tile-like interface of Android and IOS) and multitasking capabilities are impressive. Still my largest concerns about telephones are privacy-related, and there I trust the Apps much less than the Operating Systems. Let alone the ‘dodgy’ App-Stores like 1Mobile, Yandex, etc. When I see the list of ‘rights’ that I allows an app after installation I’m always frightened to hell. Having a powerful tool to restrict individual rights of every individual app then is a condition for ‘safe’ ownership and use of a smartphone. To my knowledge, Privacy-Guard in CyanogenMod is the only tool that offers this option. And therefore, CyanogenMod is - at the moment at least - the only OS I would think of installing on a FP2.

@anon40444829 app: do you know if Replicant also have this option?

Actually I don’t really know. All I found so far was this page about hardening Replicant.
It lists enable Pricacy Guard by default, which sound like the CyanogenMod Privacy Guard is integrated into Replicant.

The good thing about free software is that one can have a look at the source code :wink:
The CM Privacy Guard is in the Replicant sources at least: src/com/android/settings/cyanogenmod/privacyguard/
(and a lot of other CM-stuff as well)

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Ah, how great open source software is! Thanks for looking that up.

I do hope there are other Fairphone/FreeSoftware-users on these forums. Because I guess most users are like me: crying for software to be open-source, expecting the ultimate/holy-grail from it, but not having the competence and/or confidence to look into the code themselves.

@ben: Yes i would buy it if there is an offical support.

@r0kk3rz: reading the golem.de article (linked from schept) about Plasma Mobile (from KDE) Qualcomm support on linux - as open source - could be possible ;-).

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Same here, I would definitely buy if there’s support.

I would be ready to even spend monney on this:

i.e.: if there’s a 50€ more expensive version sold with Sailfish OS already pre-installed (instead of some flavour of Android and I needing to do the installation), where the extra money goes to Jolla to fund the development of the FP2-specific spin of Sailfish.

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Sounds cool, but I think it might be better to suggest that to Jolla. Maybe a 50€ prepayment so they can work on the software and when they are done you pay the rest, they buy a bunch of Fairphones, install Sailfish on them and ship them with support by Jolla.


Hum… could you please please stop reading over my shoulder ? :smile_cat:
I was exactly writing such a comment on one of the answers of Jolla “Together” Askbot. (last comment on linked question).


I didn’t try to copy your idea, I swear! :smiley:
It’s just, … great minds think alike I guess!


For those interested, there is a diagram of the various components of SailfishOS and the current status of open vs proprietary.