Poll: How do you type on your phone?

An interesting discussion recently came up in the general FP3 thread: How do people use their phone? With one hand? If so, which hand? Or with both hands? Here is the definite poll for the ultimate answer! :wink:

How do use your Fairphone (or other smartphone)?

  • With one hand (the dominant hand).
  • With one hand (the non-dominant hand).
  • Hold it with the non-dominant hand, touch & type with the dominant hand.
  • Hold it with the dominant hand, touch & type with the non-dominant hand.
  • Hold it with both hands, touch & type with both thumbs.
  • Other.

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(Your dominant hand is your right hand if you’re right-handed and your left hand if you’re left-handed. If you use your phone in more than one way, select the one you use most often.)


Option missing:
Hold with the non-dominant hand, type with both thumbs.


That’s probably what I meant by “Hold it with both hands, touch & type with both thumbs.”
Or do you actually mean typing with a thumb without resting this hand on the back of the phone? I just tried that and find it almost impossible to do. But maybe the result of this poll will be that there are more ways to do it than you might think of. :slight_smile:

So if you choose “Other”, you may want to leave a comment.


Z) Not (yet) sure :smiley:

I thought you mean that you hold and touch with one hand when browsing, for example, but typing with 2 hands does require me to hold the phone with 2 hands :sweat_smile:

(The poll is titled “How do you use…” instead of “How do you type on your phone?”)

For me it’s a mixture of almost all options, but mostly holding and typing with the dominant hand. 2nd place I guess would be holding with dominant, typing with non-dominant hand.

I’m old enough to remember one phone with cable in our household, but can’t really say how I held the receiver and typed the numbers :smiley:

Mainly: Off-hand to support the top-back of the phone, in my case left hand - fingertips at the right side of the phone, thumb on the top of the phone (i.e. the short edge). Dominant-hand touches the bottom-back, but offers less support - fingertips left side. Phone bottom right corner rests in the centre of the palm of the dominant hand. I then type with dominant thumb.
Can switch to dominant-hand only, or both hands+both thumbs if the situation calls for it.

With the old phone, I left the phone standing on the table, it was far too cumbersome to lift, I picked up the horn with my dominant hand and dialed with my dominant hand (with a circular motion, there’s nothing to type with the dialing wheel of an old phone). I did sit down however, next to the phone. My father and grandfather stood next to the phone, that was hanging on the wall in the hallway. In a sense history comes turning round, with all those people standing talking on their phone, however many don’t talk no more on their phones.

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Hold and type with the dominant hand, support the weight with the non-dominant hand.

Other: Not at all, don’t have a smartphone yet. but wanted to see the results.


Best answer and reason ever!! :rofl:
:+1: :+1: :+1:

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After careful observation I’ve come to the conclusion I hold my FP2 with my left hand, and use it with the right hand. I don’t use it with one hand unless the situations demands it. In landscape mode while watching a movie I hold it with both hands (loosely, large bezels allow it), or left only (tight). So I guess as a ‘righty’ I hold the phone with left.

Depends on what I’m doing.
Mostly dominant hand only, but sometimes both hands and thumbs.

Most of times im just using the non-dominant hand. If i only need some taps and scrolling is with the non dominant thumb. When i need writing then it could be holding with non-dominant and writing with non-dominant thumb and dominant index. If i need to write something longer then it’s holding with both hands and writing with thumbs. It’s always the non-dominant pinky that is holding the weight of the phone

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Would be interesting to know how much auto-correction improves the typing speed on touchscreens. And how often the correction was wrong :slight_smile:


:blush: yes, yes. I know, I’m old. :bearded_person:t2:

It is also why I’ll probably never be a good touchscreen user: did not grow up with it.

Turns out, when I hold my phone I support the phone with my dominant (right) hand: pinky on the bottom, three fingers on the back, thumb against the right side. When I type, the proximal phalanx bone (I had to look that one up :sweat_smile: ) of my left hand go against the left side of the phone, sometimes supporting the top of the phone with my bottom three fingers, sometimes just grounding my left thumb. Technically this means I hold my phone with the right/dominant hand, and I type with both thumbs.
Other combinations do exist, as sometimes either my non-dominant (e.g. holding a beer) or dominant (e.g. wiping my bum) is occupied.

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