Poll + general discussion: who got Android 10 Update on their FP3 & first impressions

Yes, the zip file seems broken even though the sha256 is correct:

    testing: system.img               bad CRC 22cbcb73  (should be 5197923a)
At least one error was detected in FP3-REL-Q-3.A.0033-20200815.010936-user-fastbootimage.zip.

I removed the download link in my post.


Swiping from the left-bottom into the screen doesn’t work as expected? Do you only have the problem with Chrome?

Wont install (wait for /e/ 10)

That works @Sideness, thanks. I didn’t know about those gestures in Chrome. For others that are struggling: it’s the side edge of the screen. Forward also works on the right side.

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Got it last night.
Still getting used to the interface.
Don’t like the new wallpapers. Does anyone know where I can get some wallpapers in solid colours.

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I helped translating an app called Walpy

which has all kinds of wallpapers from Unsplash. Maybe you can find something there that pleases your eye.

I’m on HollandsNieuwe, which is the Vodafone network. I just switch of my SIM and then I can update over WiFi.
Hmm, this is the security update for July… So not Android 10.

KPN user here , and still no update here yett

The July security update is included in your Android 10 upgrade download.


Android 10 also has security patchlevel of July. And I’ve seen some (french) user posting a screenshow of their updater that didn’t say anything about Android 10.
But if the buildnumber is A.0033 and the download size larger than 1 GB it is Android 10 even if the updater doesn’t say so.


You’re right, I’m now on Android 10!

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Get a grasp of the concept of ergonomics. That was easy. SCNR

I noticed that there is a slightly different font with the update. It’s a bit thicker now.

this is the old one:


I just switch of my SIM and then I can update over WiFi.

I tried this, too. I even removed my sim card, but there’s still no update.

Maybe, that’s why.
So, you might have to be a bit patient; which might be a good thing, as first small glitches might be straightend out, before you get your update.

If you have access to another SIM card from another provider switching cards (just for the update) might do the trick.


I am on Vodafone UK. I checked for the update and it said I was up to date, even though I’ve had no updates since February. I switched to my second sim for data (on the EE network) and checked again and there was the Android 10 update immediately available. It is downloading now over wifi. So there is clearly a continuing problem with updating with a Vodafone sim active for data.


The immovable date thing is so weird. I am on Nova now and I don’t like it but better than that!

Not being able to remove, or even move the date bar is annoying indeed. The name of the day haven’t even got a capital letter, and the shadowing of the text looks wierd. Hope it gets fixed on the next update!

Except for a few security improvements, there is technically nothing extraordinary about the operating system in android 10. The main new features are the user interface, especially the dark theme, and a few (IMHO) gimmicks in a few apps like a new date bar on the top of the screen with a small wheather icone. How can we erase this bar ?
We can’t get rid of the google search bar and we can’t get rid of the top date bar either. Unless installing another launcher.
What’s the next good idea from google for reducing the freely usable space on the home screen ? I saw other comments about this topic in this forum. But if somebody has a solution, without installing another launcher, She/He will get my undying gratitude.
All in all, nothing will change in my life with Android 10.