Poll: FP2 coloured external case

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I think if you image google (if you haven’t already done so) just the word Futureworld, you will instantly recognize why your screen background idea immediately made me think of Futureworld. :slight_smile:


1+ for a transparent case :smiley: I Like to see me hardware!


I second that immediately! Used to have a transparent cover on my good old Nokia 3310 and really loved that look… :smile:


I have duckduckgo image Futureworld and I have understood :smile:


Wouhooou, look at that ! 'Love it !

More exclusive pictures in the article (french) :


Now I even more want a FP2!!! :slight_smile:
Thanks @Fred for sharing this, I will probably use some of the fotos in the Austrian Fairphoners’ Urban Mining Workshop this week.


Love that transclucent blue back. Hope mine can have one of those!


The French press “scooped” us :wink:

Very soon, the Fairphone team will announce more plans on colored cases. Glad to hear some people are already enthusiastic!

OK, here’s a teaser (but PhoneAndroid’s photos are also very nice):


Hey @joe, great news!
Also great, that you already took into account “our ideas” of transparent covers, the white frame for recognizing FPs and sticking to your blue FP logo color!

After having a view to the PhoneAndroid article: what’s about to have the FP logo more pronounced at front and back of the FP2 (in white instead of light grey)?

And some things people maybe like to know in this next blog post: how you will organize the order-process for the cases (especially for people who already bought a FP2)? What’s about prizing, self printing and is it of recycled material?

Cheers, Robert


@joe Will people who already preordered the FP2 be able to choose a custom cover color before shipment?


Hi Rob,

What do you mean about ‘the FP logo […] more pronounced at front and back of the FP2’?

Pricing and material information will come when it goes on the shop, no date to announce yet.

Relatedly, @paulakreuzer, we are working on a solution so that current owners who have pre-ordered the Fairphone 2 will be able to choose a new color before delivery. So that’s good news! More info will come by email to owners about this.

  • For FP1(U) it is just the white and black star at front and back, and the very descent black text “Fairphone FIRST EDITION” at the back, quite small and without the “logo lettering” (like top of the homepage).
  • For FP2 as far as I could see at the published pictures there only will be the FP lettering logo at the backside, but again very descent (“only” relief-printet (nice!) but without using a different color (what a pitty)) and nothing at the front?!

I would suggest to have a white FP logo lettering also at the front, and the relief-lettering at the case beeing colored (white?) for better visibility.

Beeing decent in logo printing on their products could also have advantages and can mean certain messages of the brand in terms of beeing very “reluctand”, but I think Fairphone have nothing to hide and everybody should find the the logo at a first glance.

Did I make my point clearer? Other comments?

Besides this: congrats for your very nice ideas and their straight-forward implemention into the FP2 with all aspects Fairphone stands for!

Cheers, Robert


It’s weird but for a moment those plastic pieces made me more exited than anything I experienced this week. They simply look great and especially the transparent ones will make the FP2 highly recognizable (is that even a word?).


While I like several of these a lot, I really think the white ones will get irrevocably dirty very quickly given the material. Otherwise I would love basically all the cases featuring white and blue. Would love an all-blue one.
UPDATE: Ah, upon closer inspection of all the photos in the French article, it seems that the case material isn’t rubber after all and seems sturdier and probably less prone to sticky stains :blush:


[quote=“therob, post:18, topic:9502, full:true”]
Hey @joe, great news!
Also great, that you already took into account “our ideas” of transparent covers, the white frame for recognizing FPs and sticking to your blue FP logo color![/quote]

I definitely like a lot the translucent ones, in a first look I like the bluish one with white bezels! :heart_eyes:


That’s my favorite as welll :smiley:


And now Fairphone conducts its own poll to narrow down the choices of cases that should become eventually available to Fairphone 2 buyers: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Fairphone2Color


@joe: Really good news! Great, great, great!
I’m really looking forward to choose a cover colour!
Thanks a lot!


Few hours left to vote ! :blush:

My vote :blush:

Did you notice these “Green” or “Red” trims, black opaque ? :blush:


Didn’t notice those :smiley: But I think they are just samples, so it’s not sure whether they are going to sell those as well. Yet, I hope so because as a Nebraska Cornhuskers ‘fan’ that red and black case would be awesome (also it’s an eyecatcher)!