Poll for FP3 owners: camera upgrade or not?

E foundation is working on making its software platform /e/ compatible with Android 10 FP3/FP3+. Throughout August they are developing, in September they will do beta testing and the operating system will be available in October.”

Are you talking about night mode? Is there any in the play store? Or you have to hack the phone.

I guess, it’s about this thread, that @Antoine already linked aabove:

And, it is not available in the play-store.


Quick thinking about the final number of Mpx: have you noticed that because of its characteristics the new back camera will release a 12Mpx shot where the new front one will release a 16Mpx, so they will be bigger in size than the other pictures?

Fairphone, the brand that care about your selfies :sweat_smile:


I think for now I will hold on to the original modules to serve as spares. If the new modules work well, I might decide to send the old ones back to Fairphone at some point, or perhaps sell them on here, although I cannot imagine much demand for the old modules? I don’t imagine many people are having problems with their modules and if I needed to replace them I’d probably opt for the upgrade.

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I’ll wait to see if FP3+ users also have issue when sound stops working after using headphones.

Most of it was resolved with recent updates and it occurs less often so I still hope that it is only software issue which will be completely resolved soon with Android 10. Only if it’s hardware issue I would upgrade top module.

That an upgrade for the camera would follow was known for a while and the option to improve an already owned device is absolutely great. For relatively new owners, as myself, this current deal feels not entirely right, tho.

The price difference from the FP 3 to 3+ is 50€. If you wish to upgrade you newly bought FP3 a payment of 70€ (not included shipping even on discount) is in order. I fully support this project and what it stands for, even if you have to pay a bit more compared to other devices and accessories (and those could be way better quality wise, sadly). I hope there will be an option for exactly those type of customers of Fairphone.

What do you guys think?

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Well, as you said, it was known they’d do it sooner or later. I admit it was earlier than expected by me, but it seems now we can expect something new from Fairphone each year (validity date of new referral codes is up to August 2021, 25th) :wink:

I’m afraid you may be right @Antoine !
What a fool I am. I thought I could buy a Fairphone and keep it useful and unmodified for years… Hahahahahaha… what a fool :partying_face:

Well… You can. They don’t force you to buy the modules and they still offer both versions in the shop. And they made the update to android 10 available for everyone. So… Basically, you don’t have to change anything if you don’t want to. That’s all the point.


:slightly_smiling_face: I’m quite confident. I use an ipad 7 years old now with no upgrades at all (yes, it becomes tough and sometimes crashes).

However, If Fairphone proposes new modules every year, what woud happen to old ones ? (don’t say recycling!) It juste keeps consumption cycle alive!
But (again) I understand, the world is not ready to change now! A bit Fair but not too much :wink:.

Use them again for FP3s, give them to #fairphoneangels to use, recycle the materials…


In the presentation they said the working ones will be used in the repair centers as replacement modules.


They’ll not release new camera modules every year. It would simply not be sustainable indeed, even if still better than changing whole phones. I’d love they’d release a better screen (AMOLED), but I don’t think they would.

They might release a FP4 next year, to follow the tech specs of the mid-range market. As well as an upgrade to Android 11 for FP3. So it wouldn’t encourage you to buy a new phone.


I very honestly doubt it. But let us be surprised :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Johnnyzg

Are you speaking on behalf of anyone at Fairphone ?
What makes you think anything has been resolved. AFAIK no-one claimed the sound got fixed.

Hi Bas_tien

I’m just speculating and hoping someone will try to reproduce sound issues on FP3+ and post results on forum. Issue with sound did improve for me after last few patches and now it occurs less often. Also I figured that easiest way to check if sound is working is to lock and unlock phone, if there is no lock/unlock sound then I restart it.

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Of course everyone would appeciate tome improvements (sceen, camera, microphone, battery, etc.). But is it really NEEDED ?
You have clearly defined the main point:

If they do follow the mid-range market, they will follow Apppple, Samsung, Huawei, etc. They will compete with companies that just want you to buy new things and trow away old ones. They will loose their soul.

If Fairphone do that, I will laugh until FP5 (end of 2021 :wink:)

As your are an angel, please help them keep ethic and soul!

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Modular improvement is never needed, but if it helps keeping your phone longer, it’s better than buying a new phone. It gives us a new way to support their work for better working conditions. It really makes you want to keep your phone longer, for some techy-people who like a refreshment, without willing to impact the environment too much, because it makes it kind of “brand new” again.

Which is why I was slightly disappointed too, discovering they released the expected new camera modules so soon, as it means the old ones suddenly feel obsolete much faster, and makes me wondering what they’ll release next year.*

By “mid-range market”, I’m more talking of most Chinese brands, those who are around the same prices than Fairphone, or slightly lower (usually between 250€-499€), in opposition to Apple and other over-expensive ranges of brands like Samsung, which will always try to create a new trend (borderless screens, multiple cameras, hidden front camera, foldable phones…) every single year but doesn’t aim to most users, only the richest, geekest and more superficial consumers. However even among the low-range brands, more and more follow these trends, sadly. See how even low range phones are borderless (without being more solid), and have more and more bad quality cameras in the back now (sometimes even fake ones)…

Fairphone is trying its hardest to keep it: one camera but a good one, thick borders around the screen but easily repairable with an included bumper (on FP3 only, sadly no more in FP3+). However if they want to grow, they have to follow mid-range smartphones in their “scale up” logic, because they simply can’t afford to have a huge gap between them and become a low-range brand, especially if they want to have a SoC that would be meant to last smoothly more than 5 years, and to continue growing to be heard and influence the other brands.

They might lose a part of their soul in the process, but not sure, we’ll see, after all they’re a social entreprise. However it’s hard to play challenger when not enough people are following you to keep running.

If Fairphone releases an FP4 next year, I’d not be so surprised, neither disappointed - anymore - because it’ll become harder and harder to sell a device over 400€ with FP3(+)'s tech specs. That doesn’t mean I’ll buy it, as long as my phone works well. I’ll probably wait for FP5+ or FP6(+), if they start to release a new phone every two years.

But they’ll keep their soul if they release new security updates and Android upgrades as well as modules in stock for 5 years or more, for each of their devices.

*EDIT: In the live Q&A on Facebook today, Eva Gouwens confirmed they’d start to release new things every year to scale up the company and be covered more often in the medias.

I’ll do my best, but thankfully I’m not alone :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @Antoine four your concern and your message. I do agree with most of it.
The path is very narrow and I guess we all hope Fraiphone will continue to exist AND keep their soul. Definitely with Angel’s help :slightly_smiling_face: