Poll: Are you willing to pay for an update to Android 5?

I do get the point. But there are ways around. Imho bithub is the system best suited to engage devs in a long term update and bug fixing process for OS software.
But to get to that point we’d first need some sort of pledgebank where people can chip in for a successful build of the first rom. I haven’t seen a system that would fulfill the requirements, yet.

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Maybe we could get in contact with kwamwcorp and ask them how much they would charge?

The way I see it, there would be no strictly legal way for a company to perform that, due to legal difficulties with the driver and kernel source codes.
I see no real immediate danger for a lawsuit, but I can imagine that no company would be willing to take that risk…

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But with all the stuff going on about Mediatek Labs, maybe there won’t be any legal infringements anymore. In that case what do you think about this option?

If that’d be the case, then it’s definitely up to Fairphone to provide us with an update to 4.4 or 5.0. The only reason for the community to step up here would be, that Fairphone can’t legally provide updates to newer Android Versions. If that’s not the case anymore, then its definitely the Fairphone team which has to work on that issue.


I like the idea of crowdfunding the sourcecode and the development, if its legally not pissible for FP.
Does anyone feel responsible for contacting FP, developers… to get this running?
It’s so hard to start, but I’m not sure if we should wait anymore.

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We would need to decide first, what we want. (Maybe a poll would be a good idea, what do you think?) Do we want

  • Android 5, as easy as possible
  • do we want a clear code base, which is not restricted to a specific kind of OS (so it would be possible to build several OSes, like CyanogenMod, Firefox OS, Ubuntu…)? This is my personal favourite.
  • do we want to wait until it is clear, what Mediatek Labs can achieve?

I would vote for this as I think it would be the most free (as in freedom) solution for any user choice

Thank you!

Although a clear codebase would be highly appreciated, and a good long-term-goal, I need my phone to be updated quickly to a securer and better android.

My goal hierarchy:

  • short-term: android 5 by FP
  • short-term alternative / additionally: crowdfunded Cyanogenmod (I’d definitely pay for this)
  • long-term: clear codebase

@keesj: What’s the Status regarding these goals, is Mimmis Cleeren making progress here so that any Android 4.4/5.0 Release comes into sight? If so, is there a roadmap being discussed?


@cukabeka you are overestimating what we can do

I tried to explain it here:

-Android 5.0 on FP won’t happen because of economics. There is not enough economic drive for a company selling system on chip to keep upgrading their “old” hardware. So a little miracle must happen before we get this done.
-There is a slim chance we get a (closed) 4.4 working
-There is 0 chance of a clear codebase for FP1. MediaTek did a better Job with their newer hardware (Android one) but the 4.2 port is full of non standard customization. Take their approach at partitioning as example:

Getting this to work on a more recent Android is a serious job


I would also vote for:
2 -
do we want a clear code base, which is not restricted to a specific kind of OS (so it would be possible to build several OSes, like CyanogenMod, Firefox OS, Ubuntu…)? This is my personal favourite.

Isn’t FP already fixing “the most” security vulnerabilities in their own builds? If so, this would help for a few months.

Is there any way without mediateks involvement to get clean sourcecode?
We need official FP status updates! What’s going on there and could they support us?

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at this point I think running Firefox or Ubuntu would give me the most piece of mind. Meanwhile making the security updates (the browser fixes) happen on 4.2 is the second best thing we can do.


I changed my vote of the initial poll to “nothing”. Here is why:
I realize that my Fairphone works OK (running FP OS 1.8) and all basic functions are available. As long as Firefox Mobile works (this is the app I use most, by far), I don’t see a problem with Android 4.2. So pursuing a goal, which is not reachable, rationally is not worth spending time and brain force into.

What I am concerned most about now:
How long will my battery do it’s job? This is the current limiting factor of my Fairphone because I want to keep the FP as long as possible so I can show it to my friends and tell FP’s initial story. It’s really not about the OS, if you think about Congo and China.


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I’d pay for an official CM port.
Btw, It’s clear to me, that FairPhone is not able to keep the OS up to date. And since it’s not an old feature-phone, but a full computer, it’s essential to have security bugs fixed. Google clearly stated, that it does not support Android prior to 4.4 and refused to fix at least one major bug. So right now, we’re running an outdated and unsupported OS. It’s not what I’ve expected from a phone that is less than one year old.


I’d pay for an Ubuntu or CM port. Both options would enable me to keep this phone many years to come (despite the shortcomings with camera and GPS).

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I noticed my post is not entirely true. Fairphone does release updates with patch security vulnerabilities!


Yes, and that takes away my sincere concern about longevity due to lack of firmware upgrades.


How about finding a capable developer, supplying him/her with 1-2 FP1s and officially hiring that person (no pay/intern) in order to legally grant access to the sources. Then the community starts a crowdfunding with the target to pay the developer at least a few thousand bucks once a working Android 5/6 build is availabe.