Pokemon doing full boot on app switch

Anyone who is using their FP2 and LineageOS with Pokemon - does the game have to boot again every time you switch away from the app and back? It’s doing that to me and making it nearly unusable, since the game takes so very long to boot…

Some apps are so faulty that they are always restarting when you switched to another app.

But maybe it’s only a full RAM (too many apps are active). Reboot your phone and look if the app still is restarting.

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I don’t have this issue on any other phone I’ve used it, or any other app on this phone, so it seems weirdly specific.

It did work normally for a little bit after a reboot, but I’m going to keep an eye on it. I don’t run many apps at all at a given time, and after just 20 mins or so it reverted to the reopening. I checked the RAM when it’s running (but in the rebooting the app when I go back in mode), and it says I’m using about 1.2GB of 2, and that Pokemon is taking about 280MB of that. Doesn’t seem close enough to max that there should be any issues. :frowning:

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