Please make emojione the default emoji font for FP Open!

The emoji font in FP Open is way behind the excellent Open Source emojione font, and the build would be greatly improved by making that the default instead.

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Feature requests go in the #bugtracker.
Please create a new entry there filed under type > enhancement and severity > minor.


Hi @mctoff,
@Roboe created a flashable .zip file accessable here

The .zip can be installed quickly via TWRP. This has to be done after every update though.


Yes, I’m aware of that. I wasn’t informed at the time that I’d have to do it every time I update, and it was sold to me as a labour-saving method to do it with the flashable zip. The zip is also woefully out of date, and I’d appreciate official support for EmojiOne instead.

I have opened to track this.

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My zip file has latest open-source emojis from EmojiOne. I won’t support non-open source emojis —EmojiOne changed their license, same licence that made them what they are—, but if I would want to, I’d be required to pay.

That said, and for the same reason, no updated emojis from EmojiOne will be included in FP Open OS, but current open-source could be integrated.

P.S.: my flashable ZIP only need to be installed once on LineageOS —it’ll survive OTA updates. Sadly, FP Open OS (like AOSP) doesn’t provide a method to do this.

P.S.2: Oh, man, I really loved Mozilla’s fxemoji


Well it seems that the solution to that these days is EmojiTwo!


From the selection seen at the link you posted it seems they don’t have different skin colors which could be considered racially insensitive:

@paulakreuzer Yes, of course. But at that time, not a single emoji set had skin tones, not even Apple’s. Firefox OS died long ago and their emojis are unmaintained since then.

@mctoff: Oh, I’ll take a look at that


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