Please just sell me a charger! Please!

The charger I have doesn’t work properly - specifically the screen doesn’t work while it is charging (Fairphone 2).

I’ve read the topic listing chargers that work - ✏ Chargers used with the Fairphone 2 (community list) - it doesn’t help, as it isn’t clear which is any good or where or how to buy it! Most just came with phones.

I’ve read the article on why we can’t buy a charger from the shop https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201065667-Why-is-not-possible-to-buy-a-charger-with-my-Fairphone-2-

It’s a really annoying article as at first it implies any charger will do, then says if it doesn’t work get an A brand charger. Ummm, any charger won’t do!

I’m going to buy a new charger, I have to. I want to give Fairphone my money for a charger that they say is good and will definitely work. Please please please let me!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Anyone agree? Anyone name a specific charger that is really suitable?


I agree, it would be nice if Fairphone would sell a FP2-charger. If any charger would do, they shouldn’t, but now they are aware of this problem they should change minds. Offering a charger that’s 100% reliable, would even cause less e-waste from people buying 3 or 4 chargers before finding one that works with their FP2…

Of course, you could still get the FP1-charger, but for me it works much slower than the old Nokia-charger that was lying around. So I don’t think they should sell it at a FP2-charger.

I agree completely. I find FPs “explanation” why they don’t offer a charger illogical. Of course it makes sense that a charger isn’t included as part of the package, as well as remind buyers that FP2 uses a standard micro USB, meaning that a lot of chargers might work (or not, aswe know).

But as long as FP gives the following information:
"If you experience any problems with charging your Fairphone 2 or connecting it to your computer, we recommend you to get a new charger and cable. Preferably made by an A-brand manufacturer."
it also makes sense that they also offer a working charger for those who need one (just as they did for the FP1). This will hardly add to the WEEE problem (at least not noticeable).

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I also agree, there should be a fairphone charger. My old charger does not work with my FP2 but the one of my girlfriend works like a charm. Her phone is the Samsung Galaxy 5 neo and the name of the charger is ETA0U80E but of course I give no warranty. I would still prefer a fair charger.

Is a newly produced fair charger better for our environment as many chargers laying anywhere around not used anymore? If I would ask my relatives, my coworkers and anyone else I know, if they could give me an old USB-charger as a gift, I would have one dozen chargers at once and one of them would charge my Fairphone …

I got this one and it works perfectly since 1.2.8!
Originally I bought it for my Raspberry Pi few years ago.

I once borrowed a charger at work that was left on a desk. Not only it charges the FP2 quite fast, but it does not freeze the functions so you can actually use it whilst plugged in! It is the Samsung Travel Adapter, ETAOU71XBE. I haven’t purchased one yet but it is widely available online…

The charger from the brand Anker works like a charm and is blindingly fast.


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Hey all,

Chargers are available in our webshop and can be bought together with the Fairphone 2, or at a later date.

They work with both the Fairphone 1 and the Fairphone 2.


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Yes, these chargers work. Very, very slowly. I have used many different ones that charge my FP2 much faster. So, maybe it’s not such a very good idea to sell them as “FP2 chargers”…


That’s strange, I have an EU charger from the webshop and charging is good, not at all very slow.

5V/1A it should not be that slow, any idea why?

No idea. When I use the FP-charger, the phone tells me how much time it will need to be charged. If I change the charger, this amount of time drops drastically (like 1h or even more). That’s how I found out…

Is the other charger also 5V/1A?

I normally use this charger I bought together with my FP1 more than 2 years ago and it works just fine (I had to change the cable).

My powerbank is quicker, but there will be always something better out there on the market.

Maybe I should change the cable too. Or not, since I’ve found a perfect replacement by now :slight_smile:
@Lidwien, I never checked. I just noticed the difference. I’ll check tonight!

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