Please, eventually, sell differently sized ear cushions :)


The product request is actually simple, I believe. As spare parts (or ideally as part of customisation, to avoid extra plastic being sold), allow us to choose the size of the ear cushions on the Fairbuds XL.

People with larger ears hurt after a little while using smaller cushions.

I haven’t actually bought the pair yet (but will), but the Short Circuit review says they’re a bit on the smaller end.

Thanks a lot!


It seems you want to address Fairphone with a feature request. Please remind the forum is a user forum, so it will most likely not be read by any Fairphone employee here. Better you contact support.


Ah! I thought they would pass by here from time to time :frowning:

No worries, I will email them once I get my pair :slight_smile:


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Fairphone’s lookin is likely restricted to responses to their own posts, namely those about OS updates and the like.

Good idea though, small, medium, large :slight_smile:

Keep us updated on any response.

And since it’s ten months since your last post and profile makeup, welcome back and have you got a Fairphone since :slight_smile:

All the best

I did get one! I just bricked it trying to install /e/os though :upside_down_face:


I sent a support ticket for the headphones and included headcushioning in there as well as some other things I found a bit lacking. I recommend you do the same so we can put a bit of pressure on them to actually make it!

In the meantime, rotating and pushing the headphones forward a bit has helped a lot as well as wearing them in, it’s gotten generally a hell of a lot better after 3 weeks of usage!

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