Playing Pokemon Go after root ban

I was happyly playing Pokemon Go on my FP1U, but now all rooted devices are banned. If I got my research right, there is no way to unroot your Fariphone, and the most common way to get around a rootban is to install Exposed and then Root Cloak. However, the Exposed app sais there is a risk of bricking the phone when installing, so I am anxious to use it.

I wanted to know if anyonw knows the risk of installing Xposed and/or has gotten Pokemon Go to work after the root ban?


I don’t know if that will be sufficient but there are ways to unroot the phone by means of removing the su binary. @Roboe has made a script for FPOOS (FP2) that allows to do it from the recovery and, while it explicitly checks for the device to be a Fairphone 2, it should be simple enough to adapt.

That said, the overall risk of bricking your phone is very low (I mean, if there are positive reports on the forum). If you can access the bootloader (which I believe is unlocked on the FP1) it should be easy to recover from a brick. If your phone is soft bricked you just have to re-flash the correct boot.img, recovery.img and system.img (most probably only boot.img and system.img). I don’t see how your phone could become hard bricked from installing Xposed.



Just removing this line should work:

Download the zip file from here: Tags · Roberto MF / unroot-fp2-open-os · GitLab
Edit the META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script with a text editor and save it. I recommend to backup your device system partition from the recovery before flashing, just in case you want to restore root at some point.

I don’t think that this works in the stock (=pre-installed) recovery. @Silja You’d need to install CWM recovery first (which is a good advice anyway since you can do a complete (a so-called NANDROID) backup using CWM recovery. Here are installation instructions and here is more info on adb.


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