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Testing close followed by auto open. BRB.

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Emojis got updated!

can’t get skincolor to work …

Tables now work too.
Isn’t that great ?
Yes it is !


Testing auto-flagging topics that contain certain words. autoflagtestphrase?

I wonder how to create tables.
Maybe it works this way.
My god he’s got it

Tables are very hard
I didn’t get it
it takes time :sweat:


Skin color seems to work but not for all emojis I had expected (namely not the two “plain” ones)


And we have a ton of extra flags (unless I just haven’t paid attention previously), so e.g. the Austrian (:austria:) fairphoners can go edit all their topics…


Tables section of the Markdown cheat-sheet:

PS.: Ok, don’t quote tables! :wink:


#headlines don’t work
##anymore like they
###did before

now you have

to do it

like this:

<h1>now you have</h1>
<h2>to do it</h2>
<h3>like this:</h3>

Beware when editing old posts, e.g. #wiki’s.


Or you just comply with CommonMark:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3


Testing some word match features:


Please all join me after school’s out today!

I’ll bring the shovels!

We will have so much fun. :slight_smile:

P.S.: This is a testing event topic only … I haven’t got shovels :wink:


I was really looking forward to the shovels… :frowning:


Just bring some Community Legophones 2 instead! When I’m grown up, I’ll become a designer!


No one came today :frowning: So I scheduled a new playground meetup for tomorrow. Just took me editing the date, that’s all! :slight_smile:

As you can see, I was able to move all replies from the event topic I created earlier on to this one (where they belong :angel: ) and also turn this one into an event topic. :+1:


Seems like the invitation is gone. :frowning:
Maybe I might have joined - if there would have been shovels…


Since the latest update Discourse automatically replaces typewriter apostrophes with the typographically correct apostrophes.
As in: I’m really happy about that.

Now let’s see if it can distinguish between apostrophes and primes:

  • don’t
  • 3° 5’ 30’’
  • 2m = 6’ 6,74’’

Nope. All the same.

What if I type it correctly?

  • don’t
  • 3° 5′ 30′′
  • 2m = 6′ 6,74′′

That works. Now what if I typed the prime symbol instead of the apostrophe?

  • don′t

It’s no intelligent feature, it just replaces all typewriter apostrophes (which you can usually type with just one key or an easy combination) with typographically correct apostrophes (for which you usually have to strain your fingers to type).


But the languages like “English”, „German“ or « French » have different quotation marks. I don’t think it can detect the language to use the correct quotation marks.