Playground: Features of this forum

Yes, it is reproducible! Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the latest post
  2. Scroll up: Poll is visible.
  3. Scroll further up, until previous posts load.
  4. Scroll back down: Poll is gone.
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For me, the poll stays visible. But maybe that’s because I also clicked on the “show results” and somehow activated the poll?

Not here. No matter if I click “show results” or not, the poll vanishes. Curiously, however, my own poll stays always visible.

I confirm your use case, the same applies for me: at step 4 poll disappears! :open_mouth:

I didn’t know yet that spoilers are working.

spoiler > Hidden Text

Funny, I found that out today.

Wonder what the use case for this forum might be…?

Hiding many lines of code for example. :slight_smile:

Or knock-knock-jokes etc…


I seem to remember that whether you own an FP1(U) or an FP2 used to be shown in the little profile preview (and not just in the full profile view) you get you click at someone’s round profile picture in a thread. Now this is no longer the case (unless the user includes it in her or his profile text manually).

Was this an intentional decision, and if yes, why?
Or is my memory playing tricks with me? :wink:

Am i the only one ?
Everytime I type a line ending with “:” then press enter, my “:” gets replaced by a “slight smile” (:slight_smile:) icon.
Not a big deal, but I realize how often I end up my lines with “:” !

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That only happens if you type a space before the “:”, like this :
But that’s “wrong” anyway. Also ending your sentences with “_?” “_.” or “_!” doesn’t look good.
If you end the line like this:

  • There is no smiley
  • It looks better

I think in French it’s usual to use a space before punctuation marks :wink:


You’re right, that’s “wrong” in english.
But typographic conventions differ between english and french. (I don’t know for other languages)

In French, the rule is that two-element punctuation (: ; ! ?) must have spaces before and after them. One-element punctuation will have space after it only ( . , )

In English the rule is as you said.

:flag_fr: Règles typographiques
En français : texte[espace]:[espace]texte
En anglais : texte:[espace]texte

So that must be why I’m “wrongly” typing it. For English people, are you really noticing ?


Oh I had no idea. And I probably wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t for the smiley. :slight_smile:

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Testing out ~strike through~:

~strike through~

Doesn’t work (<s>strike</s> works).


Good to know. I always used:

<strike>text</strike> = text


Test: #norwegian-:norway:::tag


I love Donald Trump
His ties are so beautifully coral red, they remind me of the Fairphone slim case

Thanks for teaching me to strike! :wink:


Can pictures be hidden?

Test 1

Test 2

Test 2

Can spoilers be striked?

[details=Test 1]
Hidden Text

<s>Test 2</s>

Hidden Text


Pictures are not the problem, but striking has to be done right:


[details=<s>Spoiler Preview</s>]
<img src="url">

Can we now upload PDF’s?

Fairphone Factsheet.pdf (56.0 KB)

Yes We Can!


@TobiasF found out that there are public polls:

  • I’m concerned about my privacy
  • I’m proud to display my opinion in public polls

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