Play Store strange icons


My Fairphone (delivery Jan 2014) displays strange icons in Play Store (with black borders). The problem came with upgrade to version 1.3 and is still there with version 1.6 of firmware.

To clear the cache in Play Store app doesn’t help.

From support I got once a hint to reset the whole phone to factory settings - where I loose everything. No, this can’t be a real solution.

I got those black backgrounds on the emoticons in the FaceBook messenger App from Play Store. It must be system wide then? It could be the alpha channel on PNGs or GIF that stopped working? I used 1.3 then but having trouble with my 1.6 so i have not tried yet.


take a look at this thread.

Seems to be an issue with the Play Store.



Thanks for reply. I just got a message from a friend that he has exactly same problem in Play Store. I sent a message to support as well - but didn’t got an answer yet.


I am not sure if this is really an issue of Play Store. I just see here an Android 4.1.1 tablet with Play Store app same version - and there the icons are displayed correctly.

As @stojmas says, this is already being discussed elsewhere and is an issue with Google rather than specifically with FP. I am therefore closing this topic to new replies. To continue this discussion please visit this topic.