Play security update status gone from settings

For some time I already have this issue. Sometimes the Play security update status disappears from the settings. Usually a data and cache wipe of the Play Store and a reboot fixed it. But I’ve done this a few times now already, still gone.

Any suggestions to fix this?

It may also be a “feature”. But since this happened more often on my Fairphone, it may still be a bug.

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I have the playstore deactivated, so just for my understading: in the screenshot above you would have an extra entry7line with the security update date of the Google Play Store? Is it the same as under settings-about the phone-Android 11-Google Play Systemupdate?

This is how it looks normally. I check it from time to time and I always have this entry.


Hmm strange, also in safe mode I don’t see it pop up. I guess I’ll give it some more time. Sometimes it also took a while for it to come back. Hopefully in a few months Android 12 will be released, then I’ll do a factory reset and hope this stabilizes.

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Hello, just for information you are not alone, I have the same issue.
I let you know if I find any workaround.

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It’s back again, like many times before. I never had this on my Pixel. I’ll report it as a bug and hope they can find a fix, although it’s hard to reproduce and thus find the cause.

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