Play MP3 on FP2

I have a database with MP3 I like to put on a SD-card in my FP2.
On my windows laptop I can find the titles and size, but trying to play it with VLC or other apps, it refuses. Looking with Amaze, the files are not found.
Is there a description somewhere step by step how to put MP3 on the phone and how to play them?

Database ? If your music files are stored in a single file database (i-Tunes etc.), many apps won’t find them. You will need to export your music as individual mp3 files from whatever system your are using on your laptop because only individual mp3-files will be found (and played) on your phone.

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I allready have put single files in submap
But nothing found

My music is in a folder called “Music” that lives directly in the SD-Card root (not in any subfolder). On the phone the folder is then located at /storage/sdcard1/Music and all mp3s in the Music folder and its subfolders are properly recognized by VLC and other players.

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Are you sure you are looking in the right place with amaze?

I put my music on my SD-card manually, in a top folder called “Music”. With amaze, I find that folder under “/storage/61CF-1BF4/Music”

61CF-1BF4 seems to be the name given to the SD card by the phone. (After the update to Android 6, was something like sdcard1 before)

The folder structure confuses me all the time, and maybe that happens to you, too?
For example, there are also other (wrong) places like

  • /sdcard/Music/ - empty
  • /system/media/audio - has alarm and notification sounds

Thanks, maybe thats what happens.
I’ll check this and wait for 6.0 to put all my music on the Sd-card.
You helped me a lot with your suggestions.

Grt Jan

With android 6.0 the SD card is not seen.
I even cannot open the FP2 on my laptop to check what is in the phone memory.
When formatting the SD-card I had to choose between data transport between laptop or storage for apps.
I chose the last, so I can store maps, music and pictures on SD.
But how can I put music on the card, and how do I see, what is on the card?
Even in VLC there is no possibility to chose the SD?

Isn’t it possible at all to put mp3 on the card to play it with mp3 players?

I think your SD card is now extending the internal storage, so it is not separately accessible and not accessible outside the phone. Choose the “external storage” option to access the SD card separately.

Alternatively, copy the music onto the internal storage.

So it is not possible to use the card as external storage and also put apps on the card?

But when I look in one of my apps, that looks for Campings. (I exported the app to the external storage) it says the app uses 1.63Gb on external storage.
And how do I find the contents of the internal or external storage?

I checked, the card has a capacity of 32 Gb and the phone gives me a total of 35.24 Gb internal storage.
So that fits with your idea.
I’ll copy the music to internal and expect it works that way.

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