Plastic back cover clip thing snapped

A piece the plastic cover on my Fairphone 3 seems to have snapped off on one of the clips, this is completely normal use, I have barely removed it since I received the phone the other week, however when I recently took off the bumper for cleaning, the plastic piece that contains the clip was gone. This isn’t really the quality I was expecting because I haven’t been forceful once with the phone. Its only small but its noticeable. Just a bit annoying really, has anyone else experienced a similar issue or is it just me?

FP2 owner here, so I’m not a data point.

But it sounds like a factory defect; just contact Fairphone and they’ll most likely send you a replacement.

Mine too, with similar usage. I’ve contacted them for another… I guess a delicate bumper removal plan is in order then :confused:

Its not the bumper, its the clip on the back cover, however with the bumper if you push it backwards away from the screen, it takes the back cover with it, so i tend to push it the same way the cover is applied to stop it from getting snagged and snapping it.

yeah, mine cracked the same way. Removing the bumper in the direction of the screen is key.

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