Plan to solve re-boots?

Dear all,

I am a big fan of the FP idea and bought FP1 and now the FP2.

It’s a pitty but I have to say that I am disappointed by the Fairphone 2.

I am experiencing re-boots. Mainly when I connect FP2 to my car’s (Skoda Superb 3) navigation system using Android Auto for navigating with Google maps. After about 15 minutes of driving the phone re-boots. After that more re-boots follow every couple of minutes.

But also there are re-boots when the phone is not connected to the car and also not being re-charged.

I tried to solve it by applying all the workarounds that are stated in the forum. Nothing helped.

After reading more than 280 posts in the forum I understand that this is a general problem that many FP customers have.

Again I really want to support the FP idea. But I do not have unlimited time to do an analysis to solve this bug.

So either this get’s solved soon or at least a plan to do so is communicated. Otherwise I will need to return the phone.

I am posting this in this forum to find out if anyone knows about if there is already such a plan to solve this issue.


If non of the workarounds help (meaning you get random reboots even after reinstalling the latest OS version, performing a hard reset, cleaning the phones insides and taking out all cards) then you have a hardware issue and should contact support to get a replacement. Either call them or use the request form and post your request number here to speed up the process.

While a forum where people come who have problems with a product can make it seem like a issue is very common, 280 people are a low number compared to the thousands who bought the FP2.

If this was a bug, then a majority of users would have this issue and Fairphone would have probably at least found the root cause yet. So far nothing indicates that this is a bug.