Places to stay in Amsterdam?

Hey everyone in A’dam!

Three of my friends are visiting Amsterdam in February & I was trying to help them a bit with accommodation (I live too far for them to stay with me without a car) - do you know anything that is affordable (significantly under 200 EUR for two nights / 3 persons)?
I have checked the accommodation from the EFCT18, the Clink Noord hostel, and a private 4-bed room with shared facilities is around 196 EUR for a flexible booking. Frankly, I found that quite shocking (the London(!) Kings Cross Clink hostel is less than half that much).

Since they are students, I was hoping there might be something cheaper - if you have an idea, I’d appreciate a reply or PM.

If this is too off-topic, then feel free to moderate / remove, I just thought since it is “anything related or unrelated to Fairphone” it might be okay…


I think this topic is not off-topic and it fits well in #discuss. :slight_smile:

In general, accommodation in Amsterdam is more expensive than in other cities because the market is quite small (less hostels than in other cities).

At the Generator Hostel Amsterdam you can have a 4-bed-room from 76€/night = 152€.

Danke Stefan!

It appears the period is the problem? My friends are coming 22-24 February - for that time the Generator Hostel lists a price of 324(!) EUR for these two nights…

Does anyone know why that might be? has some pregnancy / young parents (“Nine months”) fair? Is that it? Maybe I need to tell my friends to find another date if possible :slight_smile:

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