Pinouts for FP2 camera/top/bottom modules?

Idle question: are there any specs, especially pinouts, for the various FP2 modules? I’m not planning to build anything, just curious to speculate what’s possible. I know there are pinouts for the back connector, but I’m wondering about the others.

As far as I know, the modules use proprietary drivers, which make it virtually impossible to use the modules without the SoC. That’s why they built the back connector so you can communicate with the SoC, which controles the modules.

My motivating assumption is that “simple” peripherals like the headphone and USB connector are passed through on dedicated pogo pins. But the silicon could be in the module and those pins are all bus lines. I’m curious which option the designers went with.

But also, knowing which pin is which might be useful in diagnosing faults, as well as implementing fun hacks. I’m also guessing that some of those pins might be I2C, which is standard-ish and therefore might be interesting.

Here is some information, and links to more information:

I had seen that thread, but reading more carefully this time, especially the reply below, the answer seems to be “no”. That is, the information is probably considered IP. Disappointing but not that surprising I guess.

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