PineTab 2 - a modular Linux tablet

Yesterday Pine64 announced that they will be making a brand new modular Linux tablet. It should be available in early 2023.


  • SoC: RK3566 (quad-core Cortex-A55 with Mali-G52 MP2 GPU)
  • RAM and storage: 8GB RAM / 128GB flash and 4GB RAM / 64GB flash
  • Display: 10.1" IPS (tempered glass), resolution unknown
  • Metal chassis with an upgradable and repairable design
  • IO:
    • Two USB-C ports – USB 3.0 other USB 2.0 speeds and dedicated for charging
    • micro HDMI port for video output
    • microSD slot
    • headphone jack
    • 2MPx and 5MPx camera

Probably buy one, pity it’s not fair trade :cry:

I’ve always been interested in a non-Android/iOS tablet. I’ve long waited for a decent ChromeOS tablet to drop, but maybe this will do just as well.

Sounds great at first.
But an IPS Panel is a bit of a disappointment. Backlight panels are just old fashioned imo.


Since the PineTab 2 is open source, Fairphone could actually work with Pine64 to bring their own version to the market. Considering the positive things I’ve heard about the PineTab 2, I think this would be a great way for Fairphone to sustainably enter the tablet space with minimal legwork, whilst also expanding Pine64’s reach (therefore beneficial for both companies).

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Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for reminding me to look at it :slight_smile:
By the way, this is really only a user forum, Fairphone create topics that are important, like when an OS update is pushed and they will read their own topics.

All the other topics like this go over their head.

The issue with Fairphone is the Fairtrade minerals (mining and miners) and the fair wages for factory workers so I’m not sure how that would work. would Pine moved to Fairtrade as I’m sure Fairphone won’t engage otherwise.

So although much is said about sustainability, which is a bit like green washing, the Fairtrade stands out as a genuine care for the people that do the work for the rich

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Thanks for the reply! Happy to be here.

I think Fairphone would need to utilise their own manufacturing channels, as I would imagine it is unlikely that Pine64 would move to Fairtrade (although not necessarily impossible). But because the design and engineering work is already done, it would mean Fairphone would only have to spend their time getting their existing suppliers and manufacturers to help them with this.

The issue with, but also the strength of, Pine64 is they are a very small community-run company. So they don’t have the resources or expertise for improved distribution channels and fairtrade supply chains, so this is the work that Fairphone could do. Honestly I would love to see a collaboration between a sustainability focussed company like Fairphone and an open source hardware company like Pine64. It could be genuinely disruptive to the market.

That’s a lot to do :frowning:

Many Fairphone users want an easy user phone with ethics, not what Pine is offering.

My daughters bought want phones and the Fairtrade was the motivation.

Keeping smaller companies is really the better option maybe, each focusing on a niche.

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