PIN code needs to be typed in several times

Recently I changed my security settings from just swiping my finger over the screen to entering the PIN code. Ever since, when turning my phone on, I need to type in my PIN code three times.
Has anybody else experienced that? Is there a way to avoid this, so I can just type in my code one time instead of three?
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Do you mean turning it on when it’s completely off, or does it also happen when you wake up the phone?
If it’s only when starting the phone, you could multiple PIN code prompts, but they normally refer to different things:

  • An encryption passcode, if your phone is encrypted (there’s a green robot picture on that screen, and this occurs before the blue Fairphone logo animation. The PIN is usually the same as the lockscreen PIN, though it is possible to make them different).
  • PIN to use SIM1 (PIN is SIM-dependent, there will be a mention about unlocking the SIM. Note that removing the SIM PIN code means that anyone who has your SIM can use it)
  • PIN to use SIM2 (see SIM1)
  • PIN to access the phone (lockscreen PIN)

The last three prompts may occur in a different order, and it could be that after one or more SIM PIN prompts you always get a lockscreen PIN prompt. If the PIN codes you are prompted for are different ones from the list above (the code may be set to same value, but they are separate codes and can be set differently), then that’s the normal behavior that I don’t think can be changed.
If, however, you get multiple lockscreen prompts after another, is there any error message, and is there any time between the prompts?


Thanks for the quick answer. It happens after my phone has been turned completely off or has been on flight mode. It differs if it is two or three times I need to type the code in.
I don’t get any error messages, the screen look ‘normal’ with clock, date, operator and the option to make an emergency phone call.

It makes sense what you write about unlocking the phone on different levels (the SIM card and the phone itself) but I only have one SIM card though.

Well, it’s not a problem, just a bit irritating, but if that is the answer, then I’ll live with it :smile:

You can check in the systems menu if encryption is turned on (which can be a good thing, btw). lso, when you start your phone automatically (schedule timer, or alarm), from my experience the fp1 produces ticking noises to prompt you to enter your decryption key.
Also, you can try to turn of you SIM pin.

Thus, you should be able to figure out if it’s due to the multi-layer security that you have enter your pin several times.