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Hi, I am having a problem where I can’t send or receive picture messages. This has been a long running thing which I reported to my network provider and they investigated but couldn’t find the cause. When the new messages app came out with the update the picture messages started to work but only for a few weeks, they have now gone back to not working. Do you know what could be causing this? It is very confusing because they did work for a little bit but are not working again. My network provider has checked my APN settings and said they should be correct for sending and receiving picture messages.

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Picture messages? Do you really mean MMS, or is it with some messenger?

If MMS: Are you experiencing your issues from another phone within your providers’ network or from foreign country? MMS is a quite fragile protocol (my personal opinion based on observation) and experiences issues quite frequently, especially on international exchange.

If internet based messengers: Mostly it has nothing to do with APN settings but in case your phone is rooted and you use a firewall or right control mechanisms this can be the root cause for your issues.

To send MMS the “common” way, a carrier (2G, 3G, or 4G signal) of your network provider is necessary.

Sending MMS could be restricted due to security reasons. You might ask your network provider if this could be true.

Yes I mean MMS using the messages app

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