Photo's not showing in Google foto's after Android 9 update


My mother recently updated her Fairphone 2 with Android 9. After the update the pictures she takes with the camera does not show in Google photo’s. She can find the pictures when she goes to the storage of the phone so the pictures she takes are stored on the phone. Is there a way that the pictures again will show in Google photo’s?

Best regards, Jurgen Rotteveel

Hi, I would check if the app has the rights to access storage. Under Settings - apps- rights-rights for storage


Hi, thanks for the answer. I checked this and the app has got rights to access storage. To test this i turned it off and again on but the pictures still don’t show in Google photo’s. The FP2 has the latest Android updates and Google photos version.

In this case I would installed another Galery, like Simple Gallery/Schlichte Gallery From simple mobile tools. Of this works its worth to pay a bit for the pro version

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