Photo transfer from FP2

Trying to transfer photos from my phone using a cable (I’ve tried two different ones) and after I’ve selected the USB option, when I go in to DCIM or Pictures, it says there are no photos there. Any ideas? Thanks

try this…

thanks for this. Wouldn’t deleting the data delete all my photos?

Nope, It just deletes private data of these apps, not the public pictures

OK thanks. Will give it a go

I’ve kind of the same problem. Not all photos on my phone are visible when I browse them on my pc, by USB. When I go to External storage, there is no memory use at all. When I go to Media Storage, there is some Mb being used. But how can I delete it? The only options are to turn it off or stop it. Nothing like clear memory/cache or whatever…
Restarting didn’t help.

Didn’t work for me
I’m lucky if I see a SD-Karte von SanDisk in the explorer with DCIM and Pictures folders in them, both empty.

I take the liberty and answer in german :slight_smile:
Hallo Johannes,
das ist natürlich schlecht, keine Frage.

Andere Vorschläge um an deine Bilder zu kommen, fall sie im Handy noch zu sehen sind:
-Versuche MyPhoneExplorer (Stoplerstein: die ADB Verbindung von Computer und Handy muss funktionieren)
-Schicke dir die Bilder selber per email
-Suche einen Fairphoneengel in deiner Nähe (👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members))
-Hoffe auf ein Android Update (ich glaube das ich bei Android6 auch verschwundene Bilder hatte, bin wegen anderer Probleme auf Linage OS umgestiegen)


In my opinion, MyPhoneExplorer is the best tool to get all the pictures and other files to the PC. An ADB connection is only necessary when you use USB, if you connect via Bluetooth or WiFi it works without it.

Is it clear that the standard picture app (as most third party apps too by default) saves all pictures to the internal storage not to any available sd card?
Standard USB connection only gives access to the sd card. So all pictures first would have to be copied to the sd card using an android file explorer.

Alternatively a connection using MTP/PTP should give direct access to files stored directly in the phones storage.

I’m weeks into trying to crack this one, Patrick… Just updated to Android 7! Yay! FYI - there’s still no option I can see to copy photos to the SD card - or file transfer them to my laptop - or use the USB to do anything but charge the FP2. Anyone know where the Cloud is, in reality? I want my photos back, not on some server in Russia or Texas with unknown access! Do tell if therre is a new way. Back to using a regular digital camera I guess, as it’s pointless using my FP2 as a camera…

Hi @Stuparod,
Many issues in one message!
About the cloud: it depends which cloud you are using. If it’s Google, then you have very few control on your data. But you can also use your own cloud or you can buy space on a cloud provider in your country (or the country of your choice).
About the USB cable, there are many posts on the forum that explain things quite well. You have to be sure to have a data cable (some cables only work to charge the phone). Then you can find different ways to fix your problem according to your computer (do you use Mac, windows, linux?).
See this page:

In general, there are different ways to get your photos on your computer:

  • USB
  • cloud
  • WIFI (with Airdroid, for example)
  • SD card (take your card out of the phone and directly in the computer).

About the SD card, you can save your pictures directly on the card (see the settings of the camera app you use), so you don’t have to copy them.

Good luck!

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This only works if it is not formatted (and thereby encrypted) as internal storage.

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Thanks chrisse. Yeah my photos have probably gone into Google’s cloud… I should never have clicked on back up… Seeing as I often take photos when there almost no signal, let alone wifi - it’s the SD card (not formatted for internal storage…) I’ll try to focus on… So, is there an alternate camera app for FP2 (apart from the one it came with)? That has save options that include using the SD card? Wow.

Many here use Open Camera (Play Store / F-Droid), which works better than the stock App in many cases anyway.

Be aware, that to write on the SD card you probably have to enable “Use Storage Access Framework” in the settings. For details see Open Camera’s help here …

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I use Open Camera. Happy with it.
I know that some users on the forum also use Camera MX.

Hi, D’you need be be in super user mode to do this? When I go to Settings/Apps/Show system, there doesn’t seem to be an option to delete data or cache. I seem to remember doing something like this on my FP1 but can’t remember how…
Many thanks!

Hi Andrea,
if you are at “Media Storage” app, look for the line “Storage xx MB used” and press this line, there you should find “Clear data” and “Clear Cache” (I just clear data, and my photos are not lost!)
Watch out: I’m using Lineage OS with German Language, so my translation my not be 100% accurate!


Thanks SO much. I’ve just gotten round to trying this - & I really needed the photo on my computer for work purposes - & it’s worked. Very much appreciated :slight_smile::smile:

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