Phone's serious's problem!

Hello, I’ve got the FF1 since 10 monthes (December 2014). Problem began shortly as Bluetooth and the connection with the computer didn’t work anymore. Yesterday night I noticed that there was no red light by charging anymore. I bought a new connection cable/battery charger today but, now since 20 minutes, as the battery showed 83%, the phone crashed totally down. It seems that it doesn’t want to swich on anymore. I’m a bit desperate…

Update : 30 minutes later : the phone seems to charge, it just showed the loading animation, by 1%…
Update II: 45 mn later: Loading red light appears suddenly again, I can finally switch on the phone, only 5% battery…
Oh, wait ! The red light doesn’t show up the whole time, could be a problem at the connection can, doesn’t seem stable.


Hello Pariggi, I also have two chargers - one (old Samsung) is reliable under all circumstances, the other one (Saturn Electonic market) needs some “fine tuning” with positioning the angle of the cable, some light weight on the cable and so on… each time to charge.
It happens at both my Fairphone and the one of my wife.

I can only advice you to buy a charger which you had tested before.

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Thanks a lot for the advise. Funnily the new cable I bought today is a Samsung. The old one from FF didn’t work at all anymore since last night, crazy …Today it showed 98% full battery as I woke up, but then it wasn’t the reality as the phone crashed after few hours, probably from empty battery …? I don’t understand as until yesterday I never, really never had these kind of problems.

Although I do believe there is a high chance that it’s the charger, you should definitely check if the battery is ok too.
Go to the battery guide and do the spin test described there. If your battery doesn’t spin find a cable that works for you and do the battery reset (also described in the guide).

It’s normal that the light doesn’t show for some time during the boot-up, but it should appear again after the blue screen is gone.

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Thanks for the reply and the link !

Now I can say that the new charger doesn’t bring anything as there is now
no red light at all anymore and the phone didn’t charge completely and doesn’t charge at all anymore too.

Oh, wait ! After that it somehow charged 13% in many hours, and stopped at 55%. Now it’s slowing going less …Depressing.

The battery looks normal. I’m waiting before to try the battery software test proposed by Stefan, as I badly need the phone for the job…

…And: Batteries are out of stock on

That’s all …amazing !!! :flushed:

If it’s a warranty issue (seems very well possible), you should still be able to get a free replacement. Try to contact support to find out.

Could this be your Problem? FP1(U): USB connector / part number and order information

I can only suggest you to check the shop regularly. They come in stock very suddenly and might be gone again shortly afterwards from what I’ve seen. But contacting support should be the best idea. The battery has a warranty of two years!

Since yesterday after the battery was empty and the phone couldn’t recharge at all, the phone is dead. I made the battery test proposed by Stefan on the link given by paulakreuzer to reset the own battery’s software and, strangely, yes, the phone switched on, with battery written at 10% and the red light just staying one second, reappearing after other seconds for one second again, like this 4-5 times. But because it couldn’t recharge properly like that, the battery emptied in one-two minutes. Back to the starting situation: a totally dead phone.

I forgot to write here that I opened already a topic on this forum as the USB and Bluetooth don’t connect at all since few weeks.

madde, unless the user on the link you gave I never roughly pulled the cable from the phone, I just used the phone normally. And for that I’m very disappointed, didn’t expect such issues when everybody I know living without Fairphone don’t have this kind of problems… (this could have been also one good reason for me to not be that interested in the FF2…). Now everybody can see that instead my FF I have my mother’s old Nokia year 2004 back in the hands… I opened a repair process on the support pages and wait for the confirmation email.