Phonecalls over Bluetooth in Fiat (Blue&Me)

I can’t get calling over bluetooth working in my car. Pairing is not a problem, but calling with the carkit doesn’t do anything on the phone (so no calls) and calling with the phone doesn’t put speakers or mic on the carkit. Am I doing wrong? Can’t imagine I’m the only one using Blue&Me (standard fiat-package) in the car?

After several times pairing and unpairing suddenly the car asked whether it should copy the address-book and the carkit worked. Next trip it was the same but yesterday I didn’t have to make a new pairing connection. So perhaps it’s related to the stuttering connection, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll post my findings…

Hello Bas,
I had some issues as well connecting to blue and me in my alfa romeo. I did an update of the blue and me and now it works fine for me.
Here you can get instructions on how to update :

Kind regards

Without updating blue and me (thanks for the link btw) I didn’t experience any problems anymore, connects everytime. Just the first negotiation between phone and car was a bit of a hassle…