Phone turning on and black screen - Help needed in Padova area - Italy


I would like to repair my phone (now out of warranty) which I broke (mea culpa).
I let if fall and since then I can turn on the phone but the screen remains black. How do I know the phone is still working ?

It still make a normal noise at the beginning (vibration), and since I broke it early in a morning while waking up, the alarm I set up still runs (I managed to broke the phone before desactivating it).
This leads me to think the problem comes from the screen, which has no visual damage. But it also could be the connecting part of the other side of the phone.

Has anyone a clue about narrowing the source of the problem ?

I’d agree to change the display (cost 100 euros from what I could see) but I’d rather be convinced before ordering that this is indeed the source of the problem.

The only things I tried :

  • Take the screen apart and clean the connectors. Nothing looked damage
  • Remove the battery and press power for 1 minute, then trying again. Tried that holding the power button also 2 and 3 minutes
  • Press the power button and volume down button for 1 minute both with and without the battery

Thank you very much for your help, I am really open to any kind of advice !

Most sensible solution would be to contact one of the #fairphoneangels or one of the local groups (e.g. in Wien, Munich, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Barcelona …) if you are lucky enough to live near one of those. They could help you searching for the faulty part by exchanging the modules one after the other.
If there’s no official Angel near you, you could try to look for help, by maybe adding the area to the title of the topic; like “Help needed: XYZ area

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You could also check the #blackscreenguide. Maybe you’ll find something helpful there.


Thank you for your answers. I changed the title accordingly and infortunatly the guide led me to the conclusion “My display might be broken” which I agree with but I am still looking for more certainty.


Well, if you want to test a display and you can manage to come in Milano we can meet so I can bring with me my phone.
Just send me a PM in case :slight_smile:


I went to a mobile shop and asked them to clean the connectors (I feared that my cleaning without apprioriate tools might be a little too light).
After having washed my phone with a brushteeth and chemicals, he gave me my phone back - still not working -
Went home, tried again a little more, I charge it, uncharged it, opened the chip and closed it - nothing exceptionnaly new from what I have been doing before -
And my screen went back on. Great news but not sure how long it will last and what caused it to remain black for more than a week now. Thank you for your offer DjDas


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