Phone switching to speaker/headset/phone during phone call


when I make a phonecall, me moving the phone near my ear makes the phone switch the audio system between phone, or speaker, etc, on its own. It shouldn’t be the case since the screen goes black when I bring the phone to my ear, but it seems the screen goes on and my ear presses a button. It happens nearly every time I call. Can I change the settings of the screen to make it less sensitive to ear movement during a call ?


There’s a sensor at the top of the screen which you can cover with opaque tape to begin with to see if that is the trouble.

Are you actually touching the screen with the ear for this to happen

This is a well-known bug that has not yet been addressed. You should report it to support - the more reports they have, the more priority (at least theoretically).

As a workaround, you can try locking the phone before you put it on your ear. But it’s not a 100% solution.

That actually sounds like a defective Proximity sensor.

You can do the internal Hardware test by Calling


As a preventive action you can lock the screen with the power button once the call started, just ensure the setting " power button ends call" is disabled

Would not agree to that to the point its well known, although I have the issue that the sensor goes crazy in sun light while listening to WA voice message i never had issues during calls through the earspeaker…

Hmm, so it’s probably only well-known to me :slight_smile: I did a few phone calls at home in front of a mirror and you can see the display turning on and off randomly, even when the phone is pressed to the ear. I usually end calls with a lot of numbers typed on the phone keypad… And I’ve reported it to support.

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I see maybe its known and I was just not aware… I know this bug very well from the FP2 and would have noticed if it would be the same on the FP4 as it took me quite a while to find the power button workaround and before I ended almost all calls with my ear by enabling the flight mode e.g.

So yeah, def #contactsupport if well known or not

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