Phone stuck on "fair phone" screen when starting or rebooting

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Hi there,

I’ve been looking around at issues but can’t find one matching mine so far.

I have a new “Refurbished” Fairphone since last week (my previous one was stolen, and I had it for 3 years). On this new phone, I have issues every time I turn it off and on or reboot it after updating the phone : I am just stuck on a the black “Fairphone” screen forever.
I have to remove the battery multiple time before I can finalize the booting and move on to the next usual screen.

One thing I want to stress here is that the phone doesn’t reboot randomly.

Has this happen to anyone before ? What’s the solution to fix it ?
Thank you :slight_smile:


Can you take the case off and try to boot and reboot without it?

Perhaps the volume button has issues, which could make the phone boot into #dic:fastboot mode, which only displays the Fairphone logo
(although with the latest firmware the blue LED would be on in this case and it would buzz several times, too, but I don’t know which firmware the refurbished phones come with).