Phone shows 'connected' to wifi, but it isn't

I’m just back from a (domestic) trip and found that time and again the phone showed ‘connected’ to a local wifi network, but then when I went to load up a webpage it would tell me that i wasn’t connected.
And sometimes it would , after a minute or two, ask me to sign into a network it has previously shown i was ‘connected’ to.
What on earth is going on? This happens every time I travel. Sometimes it connects to networks with no problems, and other times it seems to toggle back and forth at random between being connected.
( I’m seated when this happens, not walking around.)

Thanks for any ideas. If this doesn’t get any better then it is time to dump the Fairphone. I could not even check the weather on my phone, and this in the London area. It’s simply not acceptable.

Can you confirm that the same networks work fine with other devices ? I am asking because although the WiFi indicator may tell you that you are connected, the network behind the hotspot you are using can still have problems with the internet connection.

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Sorry, I don’t travel with multiple devices so cannot answer that question.

Certainly many people around me were happily connected to the internet.

OK - one more question and thing to try:
Are you using mobile data ? If so, then I would try to disable mobile data when connecting to a WiFi network. I am asking this, because there could be problems if both your mobile provider and the WiFi hotspot assign you IP addresses out of the same private IP range. I can explain in more detail if you want, but maybe just this helps to get WiFi going and keeps you enjoying your phone.

Thank you for that, it is an excellent idea.

Can you (or anyone else) describe where one turns on and off mobile data? I have stumbled upon it, but I find the Fairphone system extremely non-intuitive and things like this quite difficult to find.

I very much appreciate your help. It may well make the difference in my sticking with the Fairphone.

Thank you very much!

Open the notification bar (scroll down with two fingers from the top of your screen) and press the symbol for your data connection to toggle mobile data on/off.

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