Phone setup: Cannot install google-apps

I am in the process of setting the new phone up. I have android cherry. Yet I cannot install google apps - it saids Failed download reason 1004. I’ve done all that the tutorial suggests. Any ideas?

Trying to get the picture… you have tapped the Google Apps Installer widget (more about that HERE), and instead of installing access to Play Store you get an error message, is that correct?

If repeated trials come out the same, my next step would be to try a ‘hard reset’ as described HERE. If that doesn’t help, a manual reinstall of the OS is probably necessary, se HERE.

After the very first update for FP1 ist was necessary to change the system language (in my case, from German) to English, in order to get the Google Apps installed. I don’t know if this is still necessary, but just in case, I’ve done this after every update. Maybe you should try it as well.