Phone screen turns on randomly


I’ve been having this weird behavior with my FP2 for like a month or so now.
Basically if I have my phone in standby after using my phone normally it randomly turns on the display after every few minutes or so. Doesn’t matter if it’s charging or not, same thing happens.

So far I have not found out the reason for this and I’m puzzled.

I checked around all my installed Apps, even uninstalled a bunch of those, but that doesn’t seem to be the cause.
After experimenting with some of the phone settings, like Display options, battery settings and such, it also didn’t fix it.

Last thing I tried was to recalibrate the proximity sensor via the inbuilt maintenance tool. Yes, also had no effect on it. :frowning:
Searching the web for people with similar issues didn’t bring any helpful solutions either.

Last resort I’d try out is to completely reset my phone to factory mode, but I’d rather avoid that, because can’t be bothered to set up my phone from scratch. (I’d probably also flash LineageOS in the process.)

Anyone here has an idea on how to fix this weird behavior? I would be thankful. <3

You didn’t receive a notification in the moment the screen turned on? Mostly they remain on the top bar for you to read, but another app could also catch the notification and clear its appearance.


Nope, not as far as I can tell. Display even turns on if I set my phone to “Do Not Disturb” or disable notifications at all.

You can only really rule that out if this keeps happening in #dic:safemode too.

Another idea would be a stuck power button. What happens if you take the cover off for a while, does this still happen?

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