Phone screen dissapears when calling

Hi there,

I’ve been having this problem for a long time now with my fairphone, but it doesn’t always do it.
Sometimes it works fine but sometimes when I call someone my screen goes black and I can’t get it back.
So if I have to enter a choice in a menu or hangup I’m stuck.

And I’ve left some really long voicemail messages because of it. (finally removing the battery to hang up)

Anyone elso have this problem or has suggestions?

kind regards,

This is known problem on both Android 5.1 and Android 6.
You need to recalibrate the proximity sensor. See here how to do that:

Note that you need to have the latest Android version installed (on Android 5.1 FPOS 1.7.0 or later, on Android 6 FPOS 17.05.02).

Btw: There is search function in the forum; you can find it in the top right corner. Many issues have already been discussed, so its always helpful to fist search for an issue.


True, and I did use it, but if you don’t know your looking for a proximity sensor issue to begin with, you don’t get very far :wink: