Phone repaired but crashed installing Google Apps

OK those nice Fairphone people repaired my phone (FP1) but on reinstaling Google Apps it crashed.

Here’s what happened.

I downloaded Goolge Apps and when it came to the bit where it says to allow root access to Fairphone OS I clicked ‘Always’. The phone rebooted with thr message “root access to FairphoneOS disallowed” or something similar. When it rebooted I got the “dead android” screen so I took the battery out and it booted fine.

There is a message on the home screen saying “Goolge Apps installed Delete this installer” however Google Apps has not been installed. The Google Apps installer is still there under Widgets, but when I drag it to the main screed I get the same message “Google Apps installed Delete this installer”.

What do I do? I don’t want to completely manually instal the OS if I hcan help it as I’ve never done that before and I don’t want to screw it up, having already been without my phone for a month.

Would be grateful for any help.


Manually installing the Fairphone OS is not so hard a task, and since you got your phone back just now, there is no data to be lost / reinstalled.

A quick search at Support for manually install Fairphone OS produced the following result:
Manually install Fairphone OS software update version Cherry 1.6

If you need further guidance, don’t hesitate to post back here.

Hi Stefan

Yes I did reinstall the OS it in the end following those instructions but unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem as I am unable to connect to WiFi (see my other post today). I also did a hard reset but this didn’t solve the problem either. I will try on a friend’s WiFi tomorrow to see if I can connect but I have a bad feeling it’s another hardware fault. The phone was just repaired due to a faulty PCB so it may be something else connected to that.